Mexico, land of palm tress, margaritas and incredible luxury hotels. From the beautiful blues of the Caribbean, to the stunning power of the Pacific waves, Mexico truly has it all. Regardless of where you travel from, Mexico has endless options for all types of travelers: the cities, the beaches, the culture.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa weekend on the calm water of the Caribbean or an adventure filled jungle excursion in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is an excellent destination most of the year. With over 700,000 hotels rooms, we can guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Prices vary throughout the year, based on school holidays, religious holidays and other popular travel times. You’ll see the lowest prices during hurricane season starting in September.

Things to See and Do in Mexico

Tulum is Mexico’s “boho-chic” center, with incredible design and many eco-chic hotels like Azulik, the electricity-free off-the-grid haven
Puerto Vallarta is home to the Mexican Riviera - be sure to stay on the old side for the Mexican classic charm versus Nueva Vallarta, the home of the high rises
Puerto Vallarta has some of the most exciting adventure excursions we have experienced in Mexico - book at your hotel for the best deal
Playa Mujeres, close to Cancun, is home to Cancun’s beautiful and calm white-sand-beach thanks to its shelter from Isla Mujeres
If you’re in Cancun, be sure to take an early-morning tour to Chichen itza
Mexico City has become an incredible foodie destination in South America - don’t skip a stopover here if you fly through MC

“Poolside service at Le Blanc”

“Beachfront property at Pueblo Bonito”

What to know

Depending on where you go, there are incredible options. Our favorite accommodations in Mexico are luxury all-inclusive experiences because the value for your money is excellent in many cases. We highly recommend checking out all-inclusive options within your budget. One of our favorite brands is Le Blanc, and they offer a hotel in Cabo San Lucas as well as in Cancun. Mexico has upped the ante when it comes to all-inclusive experiences and brands do an incredible job with the luxury offerings. Be sure to check our hotel reviews when deciding, to make sure you pick what’s right for you.

Transportation within the popular tourist destinations can vary in terms of price and safety. In Cancun’s hotel zone, there is a free, and typically safe, tourist bus that runs the length of the hotel zone. Similarly, Puerto Vallarta runs a safe and cheap bus service in the old city. We also recommend taxis, but be sure to check with your hotel on the price as this is typically an easy way to get ripped off.


Airport transportation in Mexico has become super regulated to ensure tourists do not get ripped off as frequently. We recommend pre-booking your transfers through a reputable company or through your hotel, but expect to pay typically over $30 for a taxi ride from the airport to your hotel in the populated beach destinations. Cabo and Cancun are more expensive than Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico is well known for their great all-inclusive experiences and it’s likely that’s all you’ll need! From world class food to delicious cocktails and liquor, most hotels in the luxury space provide excellent experiences.


Should you venture out into the “real world”, many of the beach towns of Puerto Vallarta Playa Mujeres, Cancun and Cabo offer exceptional restaurants and dining experiences for a reasonable price.

On the west coast, Puerto Vallarta has a beautiful native history of craftsmanship and art. Travelers can learn about the history and purchase decorative arts at any number of shops from proud owners. On the eastern coast, you’ll find jewelry and accessories from beachfront sellers on every major tourist beach. Shopping is inexpensive and fun. Negotiation is typical and expected with markets and beachfront sellers.


Should you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to look up Tierra Huichol for incredible arts.

Mexican culture is so colorful, vibrant, friendly and influenced by their Aztec and Mayan roots. While you may not experience it if you don’t leave your hotel, many of the towns and cities within Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and inland are boosting with vibrance, music, art and culture. In Puerto Vallarta, we experienced so much of the incredible history and love the Mexican people have for their past.


With any travel destination, we do want to remind you to be aware of your surroundings, safeguard your items and be aware of your own behavior in public. Be sure to follow all local laws and be aware of any areas that may not be safe. We have typically felt very safe during our travels, but it’s important to be aware. Hotels in particular are typically ultra-secure with gated entrances and guards.

towers at pacifica cabo lobby decor

Articles to read

Hyatt Ziva: Los Cabos Versus Puerto Vallarta

There are so many incredible experiences all over Mexico- it just depends on what your needs are. We love the Hyatt brand and wanted to share our findings between the two Ziva properties in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta!

Typical costs

Depending on your hotel, you could get away with only the cost you prepaid for the all-inclusive experience. A unique thing about Mexico is how incredibly thorough a lot of hotels are in their all-inclusive package. However, there are, of course, big ranges. Here is what we typically see when we look at the tourist destinations and their resort offerings:

Hotel only: You will pay the room rate + tax and no inclusions. You will be responsible for food, beverages, getting to and from the hotel, etc.
Hotel + Breakfast: Room + Tax and breakfast for two included, either as a blanket buffet/a la carte experience or in the form of dining credit. Note this typically applies only for 2 people.
All-inclusive…ish: Some hotels market themselves as all-inclusive but be sure to read the fine print (aka our reviews and tripadvisor reviews). Some hotels will have a large amount of extra charges. Some extra charges include: extra charges for eating at certain restaurants (fine-dining), extra charges for “specials” like steak or lobster, extra charges for better alcohol…and the list goes on. Some of these are reasonable, however, some include only 1 restaurant in their true all-inclusive so it’s important to know this going into it. For almost every hotel, spa access is not included.
True all-inclusive: These hotels are the pinnacle experience where you will rarely find a dollar sign on a menu and when you do, it’s for something outrageous like caviar or Dom Perignon. Le Blanc is an example of a true all-inclusive, where even access to a 1-hour daily spa experience (guided hydro-therapy circuit) and transfers to and from the resort are included in the price.

Some hotels in Mexico provide a booking incentive to book direct by including a “property credit” that can be used to book excursions and spa treatments.

Suggested daily budget – Typical food & beverage costs range depending on how high-end the hotel brand is, but we typically budget $300 per day for food & alcohol. Transfers to & from the hotel to the airport range as well, but we typically budget $70-100. Excursions, such as tours or scuba diving, approximately $100-$150 per person.

When to Travel
Mexico Seasons

There are, of course, wide varieties of options when it comes to Mexico travel. The best time to travel is between December and April, the warmest and driest times of year. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 28℃ during the dry season. The wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October.

Travel Tips

Consider transfer costs If you’re looking for a stress free transfer, check the cost of a transfer to the hotel through the property directly. It can save you quite a headache as they meet you in the airport arrivals hall. Be sure to walk straight through the arrivals hall “tour” area, where you will be heckled by tour companies trying to sell you a tour wrapped in a taxi ride to your hotel.
Consider your needs Are you a mimosa-at-breakfast person and like to eat three meals a day? Check out an all-inclusive.
Consider your needs Do you prefer a beach over a pool? If you’re looking in Cabo, make sure to look at Medano beach, one of the only swimmable beaches with resorts in Cabo.
Book a tour Hotels typically have great discounts for tours. Be sure to look at the tour desk at your hotel if you’re looking for adventure.

Luxury Hotel Reviews

Check out some of our favorite Mexico resorts and what we like and don’t like about each of them. 

How to plan your trip

Mexico can have an overwhelming amount of options. From which coast to which hotel, it can be stressful to decide where to go. My recommendation is to make a list of what you’re looking for in your vacation to get started. The great thing about Mexico’s hospitality is that you can get exceptional service (usually by giving small tips here and there) and lots of sunshine.


  1. Pick your destination: West coast or East?
  2. A-La-Carte or All Inclusive? Consider your options and know that you can often find great deals with All Inclusive properties
  3. Activities: Spa? Watersports? ATV? Keep in mind your budget and needs

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