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As some of you may remember if you’ve been following along for a while, last year we had the privilege of working with Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos shortly after opening. We were planning a trip back to Cabo and were ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with the hotel again on our most recent trip. Since the hotel had just opened and, in fact, was still somewhat under construction, the last time we traveled there, we were so excited to see what changed.

In this blog post, we’re going to give you all the highlights, low lights and updates. Personally, I was excited to see if they were able to maintain the standards they set so high and knocked out of the park last year. So read on to find out what we learned!


A luxurious arrival at Le Blanc begins before you even leave the airport. You are greeted outside the airport by Le Blanc staff and within minutes, whisked away in a luxurious SUV to the property. It gets even better when you enter the hotel and are greeted with a warm neck pillow, a flower and a coconut welcome beverage. We realized then that not much had changed, and that was a good thing.

It’s all in the details
One of the biggest highlights for us is the thoughtful detail-oriented nature at which the property operates. From the luxurious feeling of those neck pillows to daily aromatherapy scents in your room, there is a touch of luxury throughout every step of your stay.

Each room has a butler assigned to them and they take care of pretty much everything during your stay. Cecilia, our main butler, unpacked all our luggage for us when we were out exploring. She also changed the aromatherapy scents in our suite daily, brought us custom, handmade soaps to try out and provided us with a lavender pillow for the bed. The details were an incredible experience.

Similarly, attention to detail continued through to the restaurants. At Blanc Asia, guests can choose their chopsticks from a selection of options. This unnecessary, but appreciated experience, elevated the dining experience and made it feel a little special and different.

Fine Dining
Often, people tell us “well, it’s all-inclusive so it’s not going to be good”. Personally, we believe luxury all-inclusive experiences are only growing and becoming more high end and more available around the world. Le Blanc is no exception to this trend: the fine dining and beverage experiences are excellent and do not reflect the “old ways” of all-inclusive resorts. The property offers 9 outlets for food and beverage, as well as room-service 24/7. All the restaurants, except for Blanc International, are a-la-carte and offer a wide variety of choices.

Our favorite restaurant is Mezze, Cabo’s one and only Lebanese restaurant. The food is out of this world and the decor in the restaurant is spectacular. It’s hard to choose a second best, because they’re all delicious, but Blanc Asia has to be on the list. We ordered about 15 different dishes to try, ranging from sushi to nigiri too miso soup to satay and everything was exquisite.

We found the portions in all the restaurants to be just right, including the pizza restaurant and room service. It truly was a fine-dining experience at every meal.

Since our last stay, we were able to branch out and try new restaurants that we weren’t able to make it to last time. The quality of the food was the same and I have to say, so far, it’s had the best food of any all-inclusive we have stayed awt.

High Quality Everything
Le Blanc’s architecture and design is grandiose and incredibly impressive. Even one year later, the hotel still looks brand new and as though you are in a screensaver. There is marble on every surface, high quality finishings in the bathrooms, hallways and restaurants and there is delicious aromatherapy everywhere. All the furniture was stunning, high quality and also look brand new. Every restaurant and public space has a cohesive and distinct theme that is impeccably executed.

It’s also worth noting that there is a tremendous amount of seating around the property. Whether you’re sipping on a cappuccino outside the Cafe, or enjoying a margarita by the beautiful light-up arch overlooking the sea, there are so many nooks and crannies throughout for a private conversation or romantic moment.

What’s changed

Overall, the property seemed to have really come into its own in terms of organization and making its amenities known to guests.

The first change we noticed was the advertised app that is connected to the TV and your butler. The days of calling the front desk are long gone, you can now download the mobile app and request items at your leisure, from anywhere. Although, I did have to call the front desk when ordering room service as I was unsure of how to order things that didn’t appear on the menu.

There is also a weekly activities schedule in your room and on the app that tell you about all the sports-related activities, fitness classes and live music in the evenings. It was so great to know about all the available offerings across the property. One day we were there, it was a bit rainy so they offered an impromptu margarita making class at the Stage bar, which was a nice touch. Similarly, each night, there is a different genre of music available at both the Firepit bar and the Stage bar. Our favorite was the Flamenco band at the Firepit bar.

In general, we were pleased to see how organized and efficiently the property was running overall. The incorporation of the app allows guests another means of communications that doesn’t disrupt their experience on property, which was a lovely touch.

The question you’ve all been waiting for…

Often, when we travel back to a place that we originally had such incredible experiences at, the question is always “so, was anything disappointing the second time around?” While there’s always the little things that may have changed over time, we found that most things were a very positive improvement.

The one thing we did notice was a slight inconsistency in service. It typically comes back to training or housekeeping for us, and this stay was no different. Small things like a candy wrapper left in the minibar drawer under an espresso cup from a previous guest, or the pool service being closed one day due to rain despite the 20 guests hanging out there. Small, often insignificant moments like these do build up and represent to me that either the staff were a little overwhelmed and missed a few key details or perhaps they just lacked the training. For instance, when we arrived at the pool on the rainy day, a staff member remarked that the pool was closed. It was so final and a bit abrupt. It seemed wrong that the pool was “closed”, considering people were in the pool. Turns out the pool was open, but they were not setting up chairs or serving drinks. However, a few minutes later, a frustrated guest asked a different pool staff member to get his group drinks and he obliged. The guest made a remark about the hotel being way too expensive to not serve drinks upon request, and I do tend to agree. It was an odd experience, but it was a small issue. Last year, it seemed the staff went so far above and beyond that something like this would never have happened (i.e- bringing sushi to the pool despite the restaurant being closed).

As usual, the moral of the story here is to always ask for what you want. You will never get that drink if you don’t ask for it and you’ll never have an issue resolved unless you inquire. Those small moments were mere blips on our radar, but it is worth noting, particularly at a luxury property.

Overall, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to stay at Le Blanc Los Cabos again. It is truly an exceptional property, amongst so many options in Cabo. The absurdly soft linens, luxurious amenities, complimentary spa access and delicious dining make this a truly unique brand and excellent choice in $1000 range in Los Cabos. Everything we loved from our first stay was still present in our most recent trip and we cannot wait to try out their Cancun property next time.

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Disclaimer: We were hosted by Le Blanc on a media stay. Please know the opinions expressed are all our own and may not reflect the hotel’s own views.

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