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Pueblo Bonito Pool Area

Cold, crisp air conditioning and the fresh scent of vanilla flow over you as you step out of the luxurious suburban into the magnificent lobby. A soft, warm pillow is placed around your neck and you’re greeted with a delicious coconut beverage. Before you even realize what’s happened, you’re sitting comfortably, overlooking the spectacular Sea of Cortez and smelling the fresh flower that somehow ended up in your hand.  The seemingly effortless, and perfect entrance to Le Blanc was a sign of what’s to come for the rest of our stay.


Spoiler alert: we loved it so much, we went back the next year!

Location: 4/5

Le Blanc is located almost in the middle, between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. It’s a short, 25 minute drive to the airport and 15 minutes from the closest town. In that sense, it’s incredibly easy to get to and from. It’s situated between several other high-end hotels in the area, including the new Solaz and the Grand Velas. The only reason we are rating the location four stars is because the beach is not swimmable. I still went in ;). However, the undertow is such that it’s not advised. This is the norm in Cabo, as most beaches are not swimmable. However, the stunning pools on property greatly make up for the lack of swimming beach.

Lobby & Check in experience: 5/5

As you may have noticed from the intro, the lobby and check in experience are absolutely divine. Le Blanc does an incredible job at having 3 staff per guest, so you get what you need and want, before you even know that you want it. Everything from their ultra-lux car service to the coconut welcome beverages oozed luxury and I was instantly in heaven from the moment we arrived.

The lobby is grand, luxurious and brand-spankin new. You could have had the worst travel day of your life getting to Cabo and your stress would instantly melt off your body the second you walked into the lobby. As you sit, sipping your coconut drink and relishing in the warm neck pillow, a friendly, professional agent checks you in and introduces you to your butler. Le Blanc is truly all-inclusive luxury, with no added expenses (unless you do activities, spa, etc) so you know you won’t end up with a big bill at the end of your trip.

Once we were checked in, we met our personal butler, Sarahi, who gave us a tour of the property and took us to our room. And by the way, this entrance was not a one-time-thing. When we returned the next year, it was the exact same.

Rooms: 5/5

Entering the Governor’s Suite was an experience in itself. As with most all-inclusive hotels, you get a wristband. However, unlike any hotel I’ve ever stayed at, this little wristband was our room key.  This hotel is so new that they had the ability to implement the most incredible keyless entry I have ever seen. You simply place your hand near the pad on the door and it unlocks. ‘Sayonara’, key cards that I always lose! I was already impressed and I hadn’t even seen the suite yet.

The Governor’s Suite is a stunning oceanfront oasis, complete with a full living and dining room as well as a massive bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. Beautiful, modern marble adorns the floors and walls and comfortable, sleek furniture welcomes you as soon as you walk in.

The large balcony spans the living room and bedroom and includes a full dining set as well as a daybed, where you can spend your mornings watching the sunrise.

The minibar was stocked full of delicious liquors, chocolate, snacks and espresso. To be honest, I never touched the liquor because I literally couldn’t make it three feet before the amazing staff offered us incredible cocktails at the pool or restaurants.  The minibar could be completely customized to your preferences, which is a great perk for anyone looking to spend their afternoons relaxing in the suite.

The bedroom had a lush, massive king bed complete with soft bedding that I couldn’t stop touching.  There was a pillow menu available and Sarahi insisted we test out some of their amazing pillow options.

I went with the lavender pillow and Max got the orthopedic pillow.  We have no regrets about these choices- I only wish I could have tried all of them!

Similar to the pillow menu, they also offer aromatherapy scents (about 15 of them) that Sarahi changed at our request every day. Whenever we entered our room, a new scent greeted us and it was divine.  They also offer handmade soaps of various flavors, and I fell in love with them. Lastly, all guests get a Le Blanc beach bag to take home, which was a nice touch. These small elements made such an impression on me. I always appreciate unique amenities and these features were some of the highlights of my experience.

The bathroom was my favorite part of this room. A large bathroom with an even larger rain shower was complimented by the stand-alone tub centered in the bathroom, open to the beautiful bedroom. There are few things better than a spa bathroom for me and this was one of my favorites. Sarahi organized a romantic rose-petal bath for us one day, complete with wine and chocolate cake…did I mention I was in heaven?

Overall, the room was 100% five stars. Every detail, unique amenity and luxurious feature were so creative. My one regret is not booking this for a week- I could have spent days lazying about in that suite.

Facilities: 5/5

Le Blanc has 373 rooms total, but what amazes me is how much space they have. There are enough pool loungers, bars, restaurants and seating areas to accommodate three times that number of guests. At Le Blanc, there’s no getting up at 5am to reserve your pool chair. There will always be enough and that gives me the greatest peace of mind I can ask for.

The property also has a world-class spa that offers a complimentary hydrotherapy experience that rivals some of my favorite spa experiences. This experience is available to all guests staying on property. Max and I tried this and were guided through a sauna, ice room, steam and three pools for over an hour. The hydrotherapy experience also has the coldest cold plunge I have ever been in (50 degrees). It was an incredibly fun and relaxing experience. Next time, I have to try a massage…or three…or four…

The property has a gorgeous fitness center that we did not have the chance to try…I know, I say that every time. They also offer activities all day, every day including yoga, aqua yoga, spinning and so many others. You will never be bored at Le Blanc.

Dining: 5/5

There are 9 restaurants and bars on property and they, of course, offer delectable room service at all hours. The most unique restaurant, also my favorite restaurant of the ones we tried, was MEZZE. MEZZE offers Lebanese cuisine so good that I could have sworn I was transported back to some of Lebanon’s most luxurious five star restaurants.

My other go-to was the bakery located outside Lumiere, the french restaurant. The gourmet chocolates and croissants made to perfection were to die for. On our second night, I got a box full of truffles to enjoy in front of the TV and it may have been the best experience of my whole life 😉.

I can honestly say the food at Le Blanc was five stars all around. Each morning, we started with an espresso on our patio, courtesy of our in-room espresso machine. Once we had watched the sunrise, we dined oceanfront at BLANC OCEAN, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. While we ate our Eggs Benedict, we watched the rays playing in the waves from our breakfast table. The service and food each morning was excellent.

Since we were only there for a few days, I wanted to try as much of the food as I could throughout our stay. For lunch, the amazing pool staff ran all around the property to bring us sushi, pizza and fresh ceviche right to our pool cabana. Everything we tried was spectacular and I may or may not have gained five pounds during our stay .

The swim up bar proved to be a great way to spend our days. The bartenders had so much fun making everyone their favorite cocktails, even ones that weren’t on the extensive menu.

Overall, the dining at Le Blanc is unforgettable. The next time you think that an all-inclusive means bad food and worse drinks, I urge you to stay one night at Le Blanc. They will change every perception you have about an all-inclusive. It’s truly a gastronomic experience and it’s worth it.

Service: 5/5

From the bell staff that greeted us to the lovely front desk agent, Alejandro, who bid us farewell, the staff were incredible. Luxury hotels always talk about creating experiences where guests needs and desires are met before they know those desires exist. Le Blanc absolutely meets and exceeds those expectations. Having 3 staff per guest is a testament to that concept: you will never want for anything because someone is always there to help, guide and provide for you. Not to mention, at the pool, they came by mid-afternoon with a lovely cucumber and cold towel amenity:

Sarahi, our butler, was the foundation of the service, providing us with everything we could possibly need. In fact, we returned to our room after lunch on our first day to our bags unpacked and clothes hung with precision and care. That is the ultimate indulgence and the ultimate definition of five star service.

Style: 5/5

Modern, elegant and comfortable are three words that come to mind when considering Le Blanc. Everywhere you turn there is comfortable, stylish furniture, gorgeous decorative accents and modern touches of marble. The Firepit Bar was my absolute favorite spot on the entire property due to it’s stunning “living wall”, comfortable hanging chairs and gorgeous views.  While the different restaurants and bars have different “vibes”, there is a beautiful consistency in the decor and style on property.  You effortlessly flow between spaces at Le Blanc, while lounge music pumps through the hidden speakers all around you.  I appreciated how it felt so hip and fun without trying too hard.  Not once did I look at something and think, “that shouldn’t be there”.  For lack of a better phrase, they nailed it.

Overall: 4.8

Effortless elegance, high-tech touches and five star service bump Le Blanc far up on my list of favorite hotels. Leaving the hotel in the property’s brand new Cadillac SUV, I looked back towards the grounds and knew this would not be the last time I would see this place. I was already longing for the delicious Diavola Pizza and endless Mezcal Margaritas. We had an incredible few days at this stunning, new, oceanfront resort and would absolutely return.

Have you been to Le Blanc in Cabo or Cancun? Let us know how your experience was in the comments below!

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Le Blanc on a media stay. Please know the opinions expressed are all our own and may not reflect the hotel’s own views.


  • Bang

    January 30, 2024

    I had high hopes for Le Blanc Resort in Cabo based on the reviews, but don’t be fooled! I will never stay here ever again! The food is terrible. The staff is deceptive and tries to squeeze every dollar they can out of you, and I am not a cheap person….

    The GOOD- resort is well maintained and the ocean views are beautiful. Butler service and housekeeping is very good, nice people who want to help. The alcohol selection that is included is great. Bed is comfy. Room is nice.

    The BAD- the food is awful quality. School Cafeteria quality food served on very fine china. We ate elsewhere because we couldn’t find decent food anywhere at Le Blanc…the fruit plate, gelato, and pizza were the only items we could even eat!

    The WORST Part – Right as you check-in and are excited to get to your room in Cabo, they deceptively take you to another counter and aggressively try to sell you a timeshare before you even get to experience the place! Total buzz kill! Feels like you are talking to a slimy car salesman and they are pushy pushy!

    The CREDITS – The deceptive/phony “resort credits” they offer you when you make a reservation are also a complete gimmick. Tons of restrictions and a hefty “Service fee” they charge on top of it makes it no “credit” at all, and instead you are paying for the item/service with a lot of complication and it just feels like you are being ripped off and cheated.

    The STAFF – the resort staff is very friendly for the most part, and they really want to help you enjoy your time. No complaints about them – they’re great!

    The FOOD – if you like good quality food, then go somewhere else! Food at Le Blanc is terrible quality! Many choices, but they are NOT good. Out of the numerous foods we tried during our 5 days there, the only things we liked were the pizza, gelato, fruit plate. The rest of it was not good and we went elsewhere to eat in town.

    The ALCOHOL – good selection of alcohol that is included, and there are other high-end alcohol choices you can pay for. If you are a big drinker, then the alcohol being included is great! If you are not a drinker, then stay elsewhere because the food is gross and you will be overpaying big time.

    Service – the Butler service is nice and they are very attentive and sweet people. Housekeeping was great. All of the staff at the resort seems to really want to provide you with great service, EXCEPT the front desk/check-in…they are a bit stand off-ish and pay close attention because they are very deceptive!

    Overall – the resort overall is beautiful and the views of the ocean are stunning. It’s clear that they invest making the place look beautiful, but the quality of the food is downright BAD. They should cut the number of options in half and make the selection of food they have better.

    All in all, I do NOT recommend Le Blanc Cabo. You can stay elsewhere in Cabo and have a better experience for the same $, with food that is actually edible and without the pushy deceptive sales tactics.


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