The best Hyatt hotels to use your free night

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In a recent post, I talked about my love for the Chase Hyatt credit card among a few other excellent credit cards for travel. The Hyatt card is at the top of my list for a number of reasons, and one of them is the annual free night in a category 1-4 hotel. While the majority of hotel brands don’t have great resort options in the lower tiers, Hyatt has some serious gems in their lower tiers that make your annual free night 100% worth the cost of your card.   So here are our favorite Hyatt hotels where you can maximize the use of your free night, in order of our favorites:

1. Andaz Papagayo (Category 4)

The Andaz Papagayo is an incredible property located in the gated community of Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. It’s located next to the Four Seasons in the same community and everything about this hotel is 5 stars (check out our recent review here).  The value for your points or free night here is absolutely incredible. In fact, the nights we were there, the hotel was running at about $450 a night. Since it’s a category 4, it’s also only 15,000 points per night so you can use your 40,000 point sign up bonus to supplement the free night for a perfect, free vacation.  Since you have the Hyatt credit card, you also are automatically “Discoverist” status giving you preferred rooms in your room category.

An interesting fact about booking rooms here as well is that you can book an upgraded “Forest View” room for the same price (15,000 points) as the standard rooms, giving you even more bang for your buck.

2.Andaz Shanghai (Category 4)

This Andaz is incredibly cool and located right in the heart of the shopping district and affords incredible views of the city. Rates are typically $200+ so you get a good value for your free night. As a discoverist, you get a preferred room and you can always request an upgrade or inquire about the cost. I’d recommend splurging a little for the Corner Room – the views and insanely cool bathroom are worth it.  They have an amazing free wine & appetizer hour every night complete with charcuterie, warm appetizers and as many beverages as you’d like in the lobby. They also serve breakfast pastries and coffee in the morning.

3. Hyatt Centric San Francisco (Category 4)

San Francisco is notorious for price gauging on hotels. It’s often truly mind-blowing how expensive a room in the city can be.  The standard rate always seems to be $275+ so using your free night here can be an excellent value. The rooms are comfortable, tranquil and the hotel is in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, bordering on North Beach. I’ve stayed here several times and enjoyed our stay each time. It’s an excellent value when you take advantage of the free night.  They also have a pool and a nice restaurant on property.

4. The Confidante Miami(Category 4)

Miami is another one of those cities where prices seem to be absurd 90% of the time. The Confidant is one of Hyatt’s “Unbound” hotels so it has a very boutique-y feel with all the perks of the Hyatt brand. Rates typically appear to be around $275+ so it, too, is a great value when using your free night. The property is right on the beach and has a great location in South Beach. There’s also a great rooftop, heated pool and art deco decor. There is a Centric in South Beach as well, but it is not beach front and does not have quite the same vibe as the Confidante.

5. Hyatt Regency Danang, Vietnam (Category 3)

I know what you must be thinking.  There is no way that a Category 3 is worthy of my free night.  However; this gorgeous, beachfront property checks all the boxes for a perfect beach vacation in Asia. Rates are around $200+ depending on the season and therefore, I feel like it qualifies in the value game. There is a spa, beachfront dining and plenty of activities. You can use your free night and spend only 12,000 points on additional nights.

6. Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile (Category 4)

Paris is a great place to use your free night, given that hotel rates in Paris are typically astronomical. Even random weekdays will cost you over $350 a night. A panoramic bar on the 34th floor, newly renovated rooms and a great location make this a great value for your free night. Keep in mind that Paris is in high demand so award availability should be considered well in advance, which is why this is number 6 on my list.