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Cique Soleil O Las Vegas

I’m headed to Vegas this week so in the spirit of the desert gem, I wanted to share my favorite shows! There are so many shows in Las Vegas, so how do you possible know which ones are worth it? It’s also worth noting that you can often get some great discounts if you book it right. Take a look at some of our favorites!

1. Zumanity

My absolute favorite show is Zumanity. When in Rome, see a burlesque show. Zumanity has all the elements of a great Cirque show but add in some very sexy and…topless fun. If you had to pick one show for your trip, I’d say splurge on this one. You can often get last minute discounts – to learn more about it here.

2. Fantasy

Fantasy was a huge surprise for me! I got tickets to this for Max’s birthday mostly because it was a “naughty” show I knew he’d enjoy but I figured it would be fun.  However, it was amazing! It was funny, sexy and kept my attention the whole time.  I loved it and would recommend it, especially as a birthday surprise. You’ll be in his debt forever. Tickets start at around $45 so it’s also a great deal if you don’t want to spend a small fortune.  Take a look at tickets here.

3. ‘O’ by Cirque du Soleil

‘O’ is a classic Cirque show in the Bellagio. It’s all based around water so most of the acts have incredibly fit people jumping into water from insane heights.  It’s an amazing experience to watch perfect humans plunging into pools and performing these incredible stunts.  I think my jaw was open the entire time I was in the show.  Keep in mind, the front few rows do get wet.  I saw in the middle of the room, about 15 rows back and it was perfect.  Expect to pay more, the closer you get to the front, but it’s worth every penny.  It’s also not a super-sexy show so you can bring the whole family. You can learn more and check out tickets here.

4. La Reve

Another water-based Cirque show at the Wynn and it does not disappoint. As usual, the performers complete insane stunts from dancing underwater to plummeting from crazy heights into the water below.  It’s a stunning show.  Personally, given that ‘O’ is a classic, I would go with ‘O’ if it’s your first Cirque experience. You can learn more about it here.

5. Nightclubs!

So, no, not a show.  But you can catch some great DJs and acts at the nightclubs!  Calvin Harris, for example has a residence (aka plays there every week) at Omnia.  Often, you can get in free if you walk around the casinos in the afternoon near the venue you like.  For example, wander around Caeser’s Palace and at some point you’ll see a promoter.  They will give you a “VIP” pass that gets you in free and sometimes even with free alcohol (between certain hours).  If you do get on a promoter’s guest list, be sure to show up early. The lines are ridiculous.

I’ve always gotten in for free and gotten to see amazing DJs like Calvin Harris and Kaskade.  There’s usually some dancers as well and sometimes they perform on ribbons and do similar aerial performances like they do in Cirque.

My recommendation is if you aren’t sure about seeing a show or trying to save a few bucks, go to a nightclub! Our favorites are Omnia and Hakassan.  Just be sure you keep in mind that the lines will be long unless you pay.

Don’t want to risk finding a promoter to get you in free? sells passes on their site at a discount that allows you to get in, usually around 10pm, for much less than paying at the door.  You can check it out here.  I have not personally tried this, but as long as you get there early, it could be a great value.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong in Vegas.  There are endless opportunities to have fun and have an incredible experience.

Have you been to a show you love?

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