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Hotel Arts Barcelona - Natura Bisse Spa

I am definitely what you would consider a spa freak.  For me, the spa is a beautiful retreat that lets me think of nothing but how I feel in that moment and the hardest decision I have to make is whether I steam or sauna first.  The best spa experiences are those that really nail the whole experience: facilities, amenities, service, products and quality of the treatment.

I was invited by Natura Bissé, a high end beauty brand that offers several lines catered to all sorts of skin types, needs and issues, to experience a customized facial at 43 The Spa at the gorgeous Hotel Arts Barcelona this past weekend. I can honestly say that it was one of the best spa experiences I have ever had. From the moment I arrived on the 43rd floor, I was in heaven.

Welcome & Womens Facilities (5/5)

I was welcomed by the very kind staff and shown to the women’s changing room that I had all to myself the entire time I was there.  It was large and had a big window looking out over the beach and city.

The products in the bathroom were all Asprey Purple Water amenities and the spa itself uses Natura Bissé. Personally, I use the NB Ceutical brand that has greatly helped my lifetime-long issue with Psoriais…but I’ll get into more of that in a moment.

Spa Facilities (5/5)

Once I changed into a robe and slippers, I was shown to the spa facilities that I had all to myself.  There was a jacuzzi with a constantly-refreshed ice machine that I could use to rub ice all over myself when I got too hot, a shower, a steam room and sauna.  There was also a nice lounger that I could sit and stare out at the ridiculously amazing view of the ocean.

I indulged myself there for about 20 minutes before heading to the relaxation room where I was greeted by my esthetician. There is no time limit here so I would recommend spending as much time as you wish.  All the spa facilities were absolutely excellent.  They were clean, felt new, just the right temperature and felt so private.  It’s a rare day for me to have a 5/5 on spa facilities as I often feel disappointed or left wanting more.  However, 43 The Spa nailed it.

The Facial (5/5)

Based on my skin issues and items I had noted on my form when checking in, she had customized the products she used for my skin.  The whole facial lasted just over an hour and it was incredible.  There was a soft blue light in the room and the spa music in the background was at just the right noise level.  She exfoliated, cleaned, massaged and pampered my skin as well as massaged my arms and used moist warm towels on my feet.

After the facial, I was offered tea and she showed me my skin in a mirror to point out what she had done.  She also explained the products she used so I could remember them to purchase later.  I already use a lot of them so I did not purchase any at the time.  Also, I only fly with a carry on so it would have been tricky anyway.

As I often talk about when discussing beauty products and products I use while traveling, Natura Bissé is really my go-to.  It’s so hard for me to find products that work and I’ve experimented with just about any high end, and low-end, brands you can think of (really- try me).  I have avoided facials in the past because I’ve had bad experiences with the products negatively affecting my skin or the esthetician just not doing a good job ensuring that the products are the right fit for my skin.  Natura Bissé exists in highly regarded spas and the estheticians really do know what they’re doing. I trust that every time I get a facial with them, I am getting an excellent experience. You can check out my favorite items here.

After the facial, I returned to the lounge area where I relaxed with some iced tea and treats.  My esthetician brought me a glass of champagne and some candies which was such a treat!

I did not enjoy the showers or steam/sauna after my session to make sure I didn’t wash off any of the amazing cream my esthetician used but the shower area looked lovely with the rainshower and also featured the Asprey products.


Overall, this was a complete 5/5 experience.  The service, facilities, facial experience were all impeccable.  If you find yourself in Barcelona, absolutely get a treatment at the Hotel Arts Barcelona.  You will not regret it. While I can only advocate for the facial from experience, I would not hesitate to get a massage or other treatment based off the professionalism of the staff and the clear fact that this spa is so well run by the spa director, Marta.

Pool Area

Of course, I wouldn’t be my curious self if I didn’t go check out the rest of the hotel so I went down to the pool area. It was gorgeous! The whole property is honestly stunning and has so many different spaces (restaurants, bars, etc). The infinity pool was surrounded by comfortable loungers and at one end there were several very funky hammocks.

Natura Bissé products were featured at the pool area as well, which was a nice touch.

This was overall a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to return to Barcelona again, if only to visit the spa and hotel again.

What are your favorite spas?

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