Our favorite, most innovative carry on luggage

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Nothing can make you feel amazing as the perfect suitcase that only adds to your journey, rather than being an annoyance. In this post, we’ll show you our favorite innovative carry ons that’ll make your next trip better than the last.

1. Bluesmart – Black Edition ($599)

bluesmart laptop

Coming in at our top innovative luggage is the Bluesmart Black Edition. I’ve mentioned it in an earlier post where I said Max won’t leave home without it. The Bluesmart is one of the first “smart” travel items and includes a slew of helpful features such as a USB charging port, scale, GPS locator, and remote lock. It also conveniently includes the most easy-access laptop pocket I’ve ever experienced.  My favorite feature is when you step away from your luggage, it auto-locks.



2. Néit Luggage ($245) 

Neit LuggageThe Néit is one of the cooler, space-saving suitcases I’ve ever seen.  It folds up to a 3-inch depth to store out of the way.  I could have really used one of these during my trips to NYC and Amsterdam, where the hotel rooms could barely fit me, much less my suitcase. It, too, comes with all the fancy features such as GPS tracking through its own app.

It’s good to note that the suitcase is waterproof and the carabiner style handle is perfect for hanging.



3. Barracuda ($349)

barracuda carry on

How often do you find yourself hunched over your laptop screen in an uncomfortable place in the airport? Well look nofurther! The Barracuda has all the features we love like charging and a GPS locator, but it also has a convenient, stow-able tray for your laptop. Be sure to charge your laptop as you work with the handy charger ;).

I personally love the design of the suitcase as well, which is sleek and includes a laundry/shoe bag and storage bag.



4. Paravel Grand Tour ($345)

Fancy, futuristic suitcases not your thing? Maybe looking for something a little more classic? Paravel Grand Tour ScoutParavel is a great option for you.

The Paravel brand may just look like your standard luggage, but the Grand Tour is waterproof and spill proof.  Built to last, this bag (and it’s counterparts) are made to make you look good, regardless of how many miles it’s traveled with you.

I’m obsessed with this bag and want the entire collection, personally.


5. Rise Gear Roller Duffel ($199)

Rise Gear Roller

The Rise Gear duffel looks just like a normal roller duffel, but it’s perfect for the traveler who hates packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking etc etc etc.  It includes a collapsible shelving system, laundry compartment, and integrated top shelf. In addition, it has smooth rolling wheels and a strong metal telescoping extension handle for easy traveling wherever you need to go. The Roller is a drop bottom which means that it has a full-size compartment underneath of the duffle where you can stow your larger articles like suits or dresses.



So there you have it! Those are our top five favorite carry ons that’ll help you enjoy your journey, rather than worry about the annoyance of luggage.  Do you have any favorites? Let us know!