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Have you ever been “glamping”? Well, I had not and I had no idea what to expect. In short, glamping is my new favorite thing. There are few experiences more incredible than listening to the sound of nothing-ness while admiring the milky way galaxy through the ceiling of your canvas tent…apart from taking a hot shower in said tent, of course. There were so many amazing experiences at Under Canvas Zion, so read on to find out what we loved.

Location: 4.5/5

Under Canvas Zion is located just seconds outside of the national park itself. In fact, the majority of the tents overlook the scenic wonder that is the Zion National Park. Facing East means that the sky is dark, which is absolutely perfect for star gazing. As soon as the sun sets, the sky quite literally lights up with the incredible stars that fill every corner of the sky. The little tents provide a warm glow in the distance.

The main entrance to Zion National Park is in Springdale, approximately 30 minutes away. Springdale is an adorable town with cute restaurants, delicious coffee shops (don’t miss: Deep Creek Coffee) and the main visitor center for Zion. While some people may feel this is far from the action, I saw the 30 minute commute as less light pollution at night (aka better star gazing).

Lobby & Check in experience: 4/5

Under Canvas has a gorgeous, understated lobby without formal check in desks. A guest service agent was sitting at the round table directly near the entrance of the lobby and we were able to locate them easily. Within minutes, he was leading us up to Tent 35 and showing us around our off-the-grid palace.

Pro tip: The Stargazer tent is absolutely my favorite. There is a private bathroom, sizeable living area, large private deck and the best feature: the plexiglass ceiling above the bed.

The lobby features coffee, tea and hot chocolate all day long as well as a casual dining option. My favorite feature was the fire-pit, located to the left of the lobby. The whole space lends itself to the “Campy” community vibe, where you can sit and relax, while talking about the amazing hikes you took that day with the others staying on property.

Rooms: 4.5/5

As far as glamping goes, this was fabulous. The Stargazer tent had an incredible view, complete with a beautiful deck to watch the stars, private bathroom with a warm shower (with EO products), and last, but not least, the most comfortable bed I’ve ever seen in a tent. There were beautifully designed elements throughout, like a small wood stove for the cold evenings, lux leather chairs and gorgeous ottoman as well as a calfskin rug.
The bathroom was a great size with a standard, flushing toilet, which was greatly appreciated for someone who lives off grid with a composting toilet (aka ME!). All these small features were literally heaven in a tent.

Their was a nice shower with warm, on demand, hot water and a sink located in the bathroom. You felt like you were showering outside, even thought you were technically inside.

There were even misters inside and outside the tents to regulate the temperature. This was very helpful, since it was about 95 degrees outside. It cooled the tent within minutes.

Facilities: 5/5

The most important thing to remember here is that you are still camping. There are animals, nature and eco-friendly practices all around you. Despite the environmental limitations, the property had excellent amenities: running water, full kitchen, bar, gorgeous furniture straight out of a Crate and Barrel catalogue and full staff. For the tents that did not have private bathrooms, there were shared showers/bathrooms. We spoke with several guests on property who used the shared facilities and said they were more than adequate.

They provide battery banks in the tents (2) so that you can charge your devices. We were there for a media trip, so we probably overdid it on the charging and it did die around midnight. I’m certain that it would have enough juice to charge your phones, but we were charging a camera, drone, laptops, gopro and phones.

We also got set up to do a Canyoneering tour with Zion Guide Hub during our stay. It was an amazing experience! Canyoneering in particular is fantastic for any skill level looking for adventure. We had a blast with the owner, Scott, and I can highly recommend booking tours through Under Canvas due to this experience (full review to come soon!)

Dining: 4/5

Under Canvas Zion has a full kitchen and bar with a wide variety of offerings. We had a steak frites and tested out a variety of wines and beers for dinner. They do also offer a full breakfast menu and on-the-go picnic lunch. The dishes were very large and definitely enough to split between the two of us. In the lobby, they had a small gift shop with snacks and drinks as well.

In the evening, they offer free s’mores by the outdoor fire pit, which was a nice touch and really added to the community vibe :).

Service: 4.5/5

Overall, the staff were great! They were around when you needed them and left their phone number by the bed in the tent. They don’t provide phones, since the property is off the grid. Therefore, if you need something, you can call them directly or head over to the lobby. We had everything we needed in the tent and did not have to call for anything.

Style: 4.5/5

I loved the style of these tents! As mentioned, I love the decor, the furniture and, most importantly, the beds. They had very chic elements throughout the tents, which really elevated the whole experience.

The firepits on property as well as the nice hanging lights in the lobby were warm and cozy, and very chic.

Overall: 4.4

Overall, this experience was incredible. If you get to this point and think, “this isn’t for me”, then I urge you to try a night here. It will change your mind and you will not regret it. The beautiful design details, fully staffed facilities and proximity to Zion made this an epic weekend and I’m already planning my next trip to an Under Canvas destination.

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Under Canvas on a media stay. Please know the opinions expressed are all our own and may not reflect the hotel’s own views.

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