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Bellagio Room View

There is no question that the Bellagio is one of the most grandiose and beautiful hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The massive lobby, adorned with glass sculpture lighting, stunning floral atrium and mediterranean architecture makes you feel like a royal dignitary, being welcomed into a lavish palace (even with the bustling casino and thousands of tourists all around). I was, truthfully, very surprised at the excellent service I received at the Bellagio. From the moment we walked in, to the moment the bellman bid us adieu, after going out of his way to find our Uber, the excellent 5-star service shined at the immense 3,950 room resort. Read on to find out what we loved!

Location: 5/5

The Bellagio is conveniently located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. You have (relatively) easy access to everything you need, from clubs, to restaurants, to shopping. This central area of the strip is my favorite. Even though you end up walking several miles a day, it’s incredibly easy to get around from the Bellagio. The Bellagio fountains are also a beautiful centerpiece in Las Vegas and they’re surrounded by some of my favorite restaurants.

Directly next to the Bellagio is the Cosmopolitan and Caesar’s on the other side. Directly across is the Paris, with it’s beautiful hot air balloon and Eiffel tower. You can’t go wrong with the views at the Bellagio.

Lobby & Check in experience: 4/5

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, be warned. The lines can be truly insane. There is an easy way around this, though! The M Life credit card (no annual fee) gets you instant Pearl status as well as access to the “invited guests” line. This perk is the most amazing feature of this card and it can literally save you hours.

The lobby of the Bellagio has tall ceilings with beautiful artwork everywhere. In typical Vegas fashion, there are hordes of people absolutely everywhere. One of the stand-out features of the Bellagio is it’s atrium, just past the lobby. Every few months, they update the atrium with a new theme, which typically involves thousands of flowers.

You can’t miss the check-in desk upon entering. There are constantly people there checking in or out. The M Life credit card really comes in handy, when you can essentially cut the line.

We were checked in swiftly by Sharon, who was the friendliest front desk agent I have ever encountered in Vegas. She offered us water and wanted to make sure we got the best room possible.

Pro tip: American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts is a great deal in Las Vegas.

Rooms are such a great value in Vegas already, so booking with FH&R gives you tremendous benefits, almost negating the cost of the room at times. With each booking, you receive $100 credit (either spa or F&B depending on the property, free breakfast for two ($60) and room upgrades (when available). Lastly, you get 4pm checkout and 12pm check in. Often, in Vegas, you can get a room for $150+.

Rooms: 4/5

We had a Resort Tower King on the 7th floor of the Bellagio with a view of the pool. The bathroom and bedroom window were facing the sunset, but also the highway and parking garage roof, so nothing spectacular there. However, the pool view was beautiful. We were visiting over Labor Day weekend so I knew we would not be getting that upgrade through FH&R since the hotel was essentially sold out. Hopefully next time though ;).

Overall, the room was beautiful. It’s very spacious at just over 620 sq ft and includes a jetted tub, separate shower, double vanity, seating area and large king sized bed. It’s comfortable, quiet and had all the amenities you need. As with most Las Vegas hotels, there is no coffee machine, so keep that in mind if you’re a coffee fiend like me.

Facilities: 5/5

The pool area at the Bellagio is spacious and has ample seating. The lifeguards did a good job of removing towels from chairs if people had left every hour or so, which helped with the lounger situation. We found seats by the pool at all hours. There are multiple pools to choose from, including an “upgraded experience”, called Cypress. Another great highlight of these pools, is that a few of the smaller pools are chilled, making for a very refreshing experience in the 100+ degree summer weather.

The gym is a highlight for the property. I imagined it would be dark and small. However, it was massive and had large windows overlooking the pool. There were more than enough weight machines, cardio equipment and open space. They provide cold towels, headphones and water if you need it. I thought the Aria gym was my favorite, but the Bellagio might take the cake.

Max and I checked out of our room at 4pm (thanks to our FH&R booking) and spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before heading to the airport. We were able to shower at the Spa and check out the spa facilities. I wish I had a chance to get a massage because that spa is truly stunning. There is a massive cold plunge/ hot tub/ steam area and plenty of amenities to take advantage of pre-and-post massage. One small criticism, the “cold” plunge wasn’t really very cold, surprising considering how effectively they were able to cool the outdoor pools.

Dining: 5/5

We had breakfast at the Pool Cafe and the food is excellent and the portions are a great size. With FH&R, we had $60 to spend on breakfast, which just covered two entrees, a side of bacon and coffee. It’s a fairly standard price for Las Vegas and you get to dine al-fresco.

Overall, some of my favorite restaurants in Vegas exist in the Bellagio. And by some of, I mean my absolute favorite: Spago. Spago recently re-opened in the Bellagio with the best space in the building: fountain-side. I’ve now dined here twice and the food is incredible and the service is even better. Couple that with a table at the edge of the balcony facing the beautiful fountains and you’ve got yourself a perfect meal.

The Bellagio definitely has something for everyone. With over 15 restaurants, you cannot go wrong. Some of my other favorite outlets are the Bellagio Patisserie for a late night crepe or ice cream cone, Harvest for a delicious and light dinner and Juice Press for a cold juice to cure the hangover. If you’re only there for one night, go to Spago: you will not regret it.

The Bellagio does also offer room service. However, this is something I rarely indulge in due to the excessive fees added to the bill. Their room service menu is extensive and you can order just about anything.

Service: 5/5

Overall, I’d say the service is excellent. This is not something I would typically say about Vegas unless you stay at the Mandarin Oriental (now Waldorf Astoria). Sharon at the front desk was kind, professional, helpful and remembered me the next day. The housekeeper stopped me to find out how my stay was and when I’d be coming back to visit. Michelle, the waitress at Spago could not have been nicer. The bellman who helped us with our luggage stayed with us until the uber left to make sure we departed quickly and safely. Every one of these experiences was 5 stars all around.

Style: 4/5

It’s difficult to judge style in Las Vegas because everyone has different tastes and each of these hotels have their own theme. From a followthrough perspective, the Bellagio is a mediterranean dream. It oozes elegance and grandeur. Everything feels clean, shiny and new around the property. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable with calming blue tones. While I typically tend to favor the “modern” style, I loved the cozy vibes of the room. It was really comfortable and light, which is a great reprieve from the casino downstairs.

Overall: 4.5

Overall, the Bellagio really surprised me with it’s excellent service and amenities. In an almost 4,000 room hotel, the staff worked hard to make their guests happy and feel important. If their’s one piece of advice I have for you, check out the M Life credit card and book through AmEx FH&R. You won’t regret it :).

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