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Myconian Ambassador view

We spent one month in Mykonos this summer, finding every little taverna, beach club and shop and we can truly say that Mykonos is an amazing island. During the last week of our trip, we stayed at a few hotels on the island before heading back to California. We booked the Myconian Ambassador on a great shoulder-season rate of $225, the day before the price jumped up by $500. While we could have booked on AmEx Fine Hotels & Resorts, which would have given us $100 property credit, we ended up booking directly because breakfast was already included in the rate of the hotel booking direct and they included a complimentary transfer to the port or airport as well. We wanted the flexibility to decide where we wanted to have dinner and the $100 credit was not enough to sway us. Turns out, that was the right decision, because a few days prior to our stay we were able to bid on an upgrade to the Thalasso Suite with a shared pool. I selected the “weakest” option (as I always do) and we won!

The Myconian Ambassador is part of an exclusive collection of boutique properties and 100% is worthy of the Relais & Chateaux name. We’re excited to share our experience so read on to see what to expect if you stay.

Location: 4.5/5

The Myconian Ambassador is located approximately 10-15 minutes from Little Venice and the Old Port. In high-season traffic, it will likely take around 20 minutes, but nothing in Mykonos is super far away. Platis Gialos is a three minute walk down the road and is home to a number of beach clubs, like Branco, and excellent beachfront dining. Psarou is approximately 5 minutes away if you are looking for Nammos Beach Club and Scorpios is also a 5 minute drive.

The hotel is set back from the beach, just up the hill, affording it exceptional view from every room and the peace and quiet that you will not find on the direct beachfront. While complimentary shuttles to town are no longer legally allowed in Mykonos, a taxi or private transfer will cost 20 Euros each way. This is the case with literally every ride in all of Mykonos, the price seems to be dead set on 20 Euros. Only 1 time in a month did we get into a car and get charged only 15 Euros. One time!

The airport is about 10 minutes away and the hotel does offer complimentary shuttle service for direct bookings. The shuttle is a large van that is air conditioned and the driver is lovely.

Lobby & Check in experience: 4.5/5

Max and I left our villa at 9am to make sure we had enough time to photograph the property since this was only a one night stay. We arrived to the hotel at 9:30am, not expecting the be able to check in but hoping to leave our luggage. Our luggage was taken by the bell staff and we were seated in the lobby to enjoy a cold towel and welcome beverage (cherry juice). The whole check-in experience was seated and the forms we completed were done at our leisure. Much to our shock, we were told our room was ready and we’d be taken to it via a nice tour of the property.

The lobby itself is a bit dated feeling, though it certainly shines at night. We found the first glance at the lobby to be a bit underwhelming, considering the views and light, airy feel of the rest of the property. There are a number of art pieces, which added very cool elements to the lobby, however, the sofas were a bit saggy feeling.

Rooms: 4/5

Mykonos is well-known for its tiny hotels with 8-15 rooms dotting the little island. However, Myconian Ambassador could be considered a large boutique property with 69 guest rooms and suites. The hotel is built into the hillside, allowing for many different room types and configurations to choose from. In our opinion, the suite upgrades are well worth it for the extra space, as the standard rooms are on the smaller side.

We were checked into room 803, located approximately 6 minutes from the lobby and up many stairs. It is called the “Thalasso Suite with Shared Pool” and the view is spectacular. I somewhat disagree with the term “suite” for a room that does not contain a separate living room, I would call this more of a “junior suite” if we are being technical. However, that aside, the room is more than sizeable for two with lots of luggage. There is an absurdly comfortable king bed, large flatscreen TV, luggage storage, a built-in desk, seating area and the outdoor patio that provides access to the shared pool. The access is narrow, but you have full use of the pool that is shared with one other room and we used it unabashedly.

The bathroom was fabulous with a full soaking tub, large rainshower (14-inch), separate toilet room and vanity. There were local Greek bath amenities, giving guests a great sense of place.

Truly, one of the most exceptional parts of this room was the comfort of the bed and also the fact that when you close the doors and windows, you cannot hear even the slightest noise from outside. The door itself almost looks like it is double-width of a standard door. One of my concerns about the hotel before arriving was the noise from all the surrounding beach clubs, but we didn’t have a single issue with sound.

Booking a suite in non-COVID times also gives guests some additional benefits. The stated benefits, again in non-COVID times, are private arrival & departure transfers, complimentary room service for breakfast in bed and a signature cocktail upon arrival. Since COVID-19, these benefits are not available to guests.

Lastly, all rooms at this property offer at least a partial sea view. Thanks to the positioning of the property and the hillside location, the views are stunning from every corner.

Service: 4.5/5

Overall, for an island that prides itself on its elitist mentality and “better than you” energy, I was overwhelmed by the excellent service we experienced at this property. As one of the best hotels on the island, we expected to be treated as though we paid half the price we should have for the suite, and yet, they were all professional, polite and accommodating.

The front desk was incredibly on top of everything, making sure guests were helped quickly, even in the busiest parts of the day. They even offered to take us to our next hotel, since Grace was located close to the new port, and made an exception despite the rules. If that’s not going above and beyond, I don’t know what is.

Every guest we saw was treated equally, all guests were given a nice tour on the way to their room and they even offered to let us have breakfast on our arrival day for their champagne breakfast, despite that being very unusual. Typically, you are not entitled to breakfast benefits on arrival day but they told us to please come join them for their breakfast since we had one hour until they closed. This type of service goes beyond just doing what you’re supposed to do – this is true guest hospitality.

We experienced only minor flaws in service that didn’t affect our overall experience – such as forgetting a request for ice. Overall, the service was excellent.

Dining: 4.5/5

In total, we enjoyed two breakfasts on property. The breakfast is a champagne breakfast buffet that is included in the room rate for guests. Guests can order eggs, juices and smoothies and select from a wide selection of items at the buffet. Champagne is included, free of charge.

They did offer a number of vegan, gluten free and allergy-safe options as well as a number of detox juices and smoothies. The breakfast was overall a solid 4 stars, nothing exceptional or mind blowing, but a great selection.

While we did not dine at the restaurant for dinner, we read extensive reviews and at night, the restaurant turns into a fine dining modern Greek cuisine. Guests rave about the dinner service that offers mezze, entrees, wine pairings and more. The prices are certainly high, so we decided to try one of the local beach restaurants to save 30-50%.

Facilities: 5/5

The Myconian Ambassador operates much like a larger resort in any vacation destination. They have excellent facilities that guests have access to and you never really have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. As we mentioned, they do offer the shared airport transfers for standard rooms and private transfers to suites, but they also have a beautiful roof top pool with exceptional views of the beaches and bays. There is pool service so you can order drinks, food and water to your sunbeds. It’s a great reprieve if you are looking to stay lowkey and not head to the beach clubs.

The spa is stunning. Located under the lobby, the spa offers massages starting at 120 Euros and also offers water therapy in its three large swimming pools. I wish we’d had time for a massage, that spa was just incredible looking.

Style: 4.5/5

The style feels very “Miami in Mykonos” with pops of color, mid-century modern elements and pop art. They boast custom artwork in the rooms, lobby and restaurant. Overall, the style is very cohesive across the property and it’s very different from much of Mykonos that tends to favor “boho chic” and neutral tones. We found it a welcome surprise after the same style permeated every other accommodation and restaurant we visited.

Overall: 4.5

Overall, we had a fantastic night at Myconian Ambassador. We feel the value far exceeded the price that we paid, thanks to our excellent shoulder season rate that we happened to score on the LAST day of “shoulder season”. We 100% recommend booking direct because if there is availability in higher room types, you’ll likely receive an offer to upgrade like we did. In general, we would not hesitate to return and can 100% recommend this hotel.

COVID-19 Safety Rating: 4/5

In terms of COVID-19 safety, the hotel is doing a good job. There is hand sanitizer everywhere, masks and sanitizer in the rooms and they take extra cleaning precautions. There are some inconsistencies, particularly at the buffet. During busy times, they did a great job asking guests to put on the plastic glove and wear a mask to serve themselves, but in slower times they didn’t. Having stayed at a few hotels that operated with a similar buffet style who did not enforce the rules, we’ve seen some pretty…gross things. While it seems a waste of a worker, we do feel they need to have a person positioned at the buffet entrance if they’re going to operate a buffet at this time.

Greece did lift the mask mandate for outdoor use, which is great, but also causes confusion for the hotels, since lobbies and walkways are primarily outdoors. The hotel overall did a good job enforcing mask use when required, and as the regulations ease of change, we feel confident that they will be equipped to handle it while still maintaining a good guest experience.


  • Diana Reardon

    July 29, 2021

    Thanks for the info . I understand that Mykonos is super busy so how far in advance do,you have to book your hotel ? I would love to try this hotel next summer.


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