Greece has long been a destination for glamorous party-goers, ritzy celebrities and history buffs alike. Greece consistently ranks as one of the Top 20 tourist destinations in the world thanks to its rich history, kind people and diversity of offerings for all types of tourists. Travelers looking to explore the vibrant city and history of Athens can find luxury hotels, Michelin star restaurants and more history than one can possibly take in on a short trip. Travelers looking for a slice of the island life will find everything they need for their perfect vacation on one of Greece’s many islands.

Things to See and Do in Greece

Stay in Athens at one of the many 5-star hotels and visit the Acropolis
Visit Santorini for incredible architecture & cave structures
Grab a cocktail at one of the oceanfront bars in Little Venice, Mykonos
Visit Delos Island, the birthplace of greek mythology
Spend a day getting lost in the windy streets of Chora, Mykonos
Stay in a luxury cave hotel in Santorini or Mykonos

”Mykonos is known for beach clubs”

“Villa vibes in Greece”

What to know

Greece is a highly developed country and thanks to its expansive and plentiful islands, home to many of the worlds best hotel brands. Travelers will find anything from Four Seasons and similar global brands, to local luxury brands like Grecotel and even spectacularly luxury mom-and-pop boutique hotels dotting the coastlines of the islands. In high season (July-August), expect to find prices reaching north of 500 Euros per night, or even 1,000+ for the well-known brands. June and September, travelers can expect more reasonable rates as hotels range from 100 euros to 500 per night.


For an “authentic” experience on Mykonos, Paros or some of the other islands, check out some of the 4-5 star boutique properties, typically serving only 5-12 rooms with luxurious, boho designs and beautiful architecture.


Villas are also a fantastic way to experience islands in a luxurious way. However, you won’t find the most lux properties listed on airbnb. Check VRBO or even google “Mykonos Villas” for the best rental options.


If you plan to visit a main city, like Athens, taxis are plentiful and public transportation is ideal. Parking and driving in the city can be frustrating and difficult.


If you plan to visit the islands, a car rental may be the best option for you to explore the islands and not have to rely on expensive taxis to get everywhere. For reference, seemingly no matter where you go and at what time in Mykonos, taxis cost 20 euros.

Greece offers everything from the small, local souvlaki and pitta shops to world-class michelin-rated dining and restaurants that are THE place to see and be seen.  Seemingly, you can find anything and everything you are looking for in Greece.


From experience, Mykonos dining is world-class. Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, we guarantee you’ll find it here. COYA and Interni, for example, are the hot and trendy places that is truly a feast for the eyes. But don’t expect to grab just a cocktail and an appetizer – the restaurants will quite literally throw you out for not spending enough money.


If you’re looking for more than just delicious food, but a low-key setting with excellent service, check out Azul Condesa Mexican, Kalita Restaurant and Rouvera Mykonos.


If you’re just looking to grab a quick bite at a low price, check our Leonardis or Pepper.


Don’t forget about the beach clubs and the bar life, which is what Mykonos is famous for. Grab a cocktail at Baos in Little Venice or 180 Sunset Bar for epic views of sunsets.

Shopping in Greece is an absolute dream. Travelers on any island will find a mix of luxury global brands that offer duty-free shopping, or local Greek crafts, beauty products and jewelry and accessories. Greece has nailed the aesthetic that many travelers are looking for, offering delicate jewelry with greek designs (like the evil eye), boho-chic towels and bags or beautifully crafted clothing. Our best recommendation is to wander the streets of the islands and stop into the small hole-in-the-wall shops along the way to discover all the hidden gems.

Greek culture is the backbone of this nation. Greeks are proud of their history, heritage, where they come from and their cuisine. We have found Greek people to be kind, helpful, open and they absolutely love when you try to speak Greek. We have often experienced unprovoked help when we wander aimlessly and they want to provide assistance, or even just a friendly smile as we walk down the street. Greek food & wine is world-renowned and we highly recommend trying absolutely everything, from the delicious rosé wines to the endless tzatziki.

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Typical costs

Greece can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it, making it the perfect trip for travelers on any budget. The most budget-friendly airport to access is Athens and travelers can continue on from their, either by ferry or by small island-hopper aircraft.


Boutique hotels and medium-sized properties are available at any price point. The most budget-friendly time to visit Greece is late spring and early fall.

Suggested daily budget – If you’re looking to stay in a 4-5 star hotel during the summer, we recommend budget at least $250 USD per night for lodging. Food costs, if you are staying conservative, will be around $300 per day. Taxis are about $15-20 USD per ride.

When to Travel
Greece Seasons

Climate varies across Greece, with the ``wet season`` being winter and dry season being mid-summer. Summer is typically classified as hot and dry, with winter being cold and wet. Islands like Mykonos are famous for its wind, making it quite pleasant in the hot summer months, but much chillier during the shoulder seasons of May-June and September-October.

Travel Tips

Stay in shoulder season Book a stay on the islands during early June or early September for incredible deals at luxury properties.
Eat dinner early The average restaurant booking time is 10-11pm. Grab a table at the best restaurants for 8:30-9 to get in early and enjoy a delicious dinner.
Don't forget Duty Free Shopping If you're looking for luxury goods, don't forget to ask about the tax forms required!
Enjoy local wines Greece is well-known for its wine. Be sure to branch out from that Miraval rosé and try some incredible Greek wine, typically for much less.

Luxury Hotel Reviews

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How to plan your trip

First establish your travel time frame: quick trip to Athens? a week on the islands? From there, break down where you want to stay and the activities you want to take part in.

Consider the following:

  1. Look at to scan for the best rates at luxury hotels (we often find the best benefits when booking direct)
  2. If you have AmEx Platinum, be sure to check their Fine Hotels & Resorts options: you can often gain great inclusions like free breakfast, upgrades and hotel credit for the same rates as booking elsewhere
  3. When reviewing your activities, be sure to check their website for mobile passes – this can save you hours of time

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