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Dubai is one of the premiere destinations in the Middle East for luxury travel, hotels and adventure. 7 Emirates make up the UAE, including one of the most frequented: Dubai. Travelers will relish in the endless high-end shopping and mall culture of the Emirates. Those looking for something more adventurous can find UTV adventures, traditional bedouin experiences and trips to the countryside.

Things to See and Do in the UAE

Spend at least 3 days in Dubai to explore as many of the malls as possible
Try skiing indoors at the mall in Dubai
Visit Abu Dhabi for world-famous beach clubs
Take a UTV trip to the dunes
Spend a day getting lost in the Souks
Book a tour to the top of the Burj Khalifa (in advance)

”The Middle East is known for its impeccable sunsets”

“Luxury hotels of Dubai”

What to know

The UAE is a developed country that attracts the most discerning hotel visitors and brands. Travelers will find anything from Shangri-La and global brands like Four Seasons to local titans like JA Resorts. In high season, expect to find prices reaching north of 500-700 USD per night, or even 1,000+ for the well-known brands. June through September, travelers can expect more reasonable rates as hotels range from 100 USD+ for luxury hotels, thanks to the high temperatures.

Public transit is plentiful in Dubai and other major cities like Abu Dhabi. Uber is also readily available in the UAE.

In Dubai, there is an excellent railway system that services most of the metropolitan area, starting with the airport.

Travelers will find anything from Michelin restaurants to local holes in the walls serving fresh and traditional cuisine. Some staple dishes of the Middle East are hummus, tabouleh and delicious meats.

Some of the best restaurants in Dubai are: Kinara, Coya, BB Social Dining and Motorino.

Shopping in the Emirates is a luxury shoppers dream. Expect to find anything from Gucci to Louis Vuitton and everything is tax-free. Some of the best malls in Dubai are The Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival Mall and the Marina Mall.

The UAE has a rich culture that reflects traditional Arab and Islamic values. The country as a whole is a conservative nation and visitors should be aware of their surroundings when traveling throughout the Emirates. Being a Muslim country, a large majority of Emiratis do not drink and being drunk and disorderly in public is a big no-no. Similarly, public displays of affection are frowned upon. That being said, the culture is extremely rich and if you take some time to dive into that richness, you’ll discover incredible history, beautiful architecture and kind people. We recommend exploring some of the old souks to get a feel for the “reel” Emirates.

JA Palm Tree Court, The Resort

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Typical costs

The UAE can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Luxury hotels can be priced anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ and there are so many different types of experiences to be found.

Suggested daily budget – If you’re looking to stay in a 4-5 star hotel during the summer, we recommend budget at least $250 USD per night for lodging. Food costs, if you are staying conservative, will be around $200 per day. Taxis are about $20-40 USD per ride.

When to Travel
UAE Seasons

Climate varies across Greece, with the ``wet season`` being winter and dry season being mid-summer. Summer is typically classified as hot and dry, with winter being cold and wet. Islands like Mykonos are famous for its wind, making it quite pleasant in the hot summer months, but much chillier during the shoulder seasons of May-June and September-October.

Travel Tips

Stay in low season Book a stay anytime from May-August for incredible deals at luxury properties.
Remember your tax free forms! Shopping in the UAE is tax free, just be sure to fill out the forms correctly.
Spend a night on JBR! Jumeriah Beach is the real party center of Dubai with incredible clubs and hotels.
Head to the desert The desert holds incredible adventure - from UTVs to camel rides.

Luxury Hotel Reviews

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How to plan your trip

First establish your travel time frame: quick weekend trip? or weeklong adventure? From there, break down where you want to stay and the activities you want to take part in.

Consider the following:

  1. Look at to scan for the best rates at luxury hotels (we often find the best benefits when booking direct)
  2. If you have AmEx Platinum, be sure to check their Fine Hotels & Resorts options: you can often gain great inclusions like free breakfast, upgrades and hotel credit for the same rates as booking elsewhere
  3. When reviewing the available activities- be sure to plan correctly, I.E you cannot scuba dive in the aquarium after going to the top of the Burj Khalifa!

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