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travel essentials during covid-19

Travel is already stressful enough, with the packing, airline policies, delays and the list goes on and on. Add an outbreak of a new Coronavirus and it can really increase your anxiety levels. Max and I are constantly on the road and we wanted to share the tips that we always use during air travel, not just during flu season.

1. Pre-Flight Self Care

Some people assume that you only have to care about what happens day of, on the plane. However, there are some simple tricks that can really help you avoid getting sick during the travel and it starts days before you step foot onto the flight.

The week before any flight, we drink a glass of water with half a squeezed lemon every day. Lemon packs a lot of Vitamin C and tastes great! We also take an EmergenC daily for three days before our flights. The extra vitamin boost can also help your immune system stay top notch.

In our carryon bag, we pack the following:

We have these things in our bag at all times, not just during this outbreak. It’s important to keep these items on hand because you never know who’s touch that door handle, seat back pocket or tray table.

I’m fairly sensitive to so many chemicals, so I try to pair my Purrell with Aesop products that are all natural and still work. My favorite “au natural” travel kit is the Aesop Travel Kit, available on Amazon. My biggest recommendation is to check out their rinse-free hand soap. The bonus here is that their products smell amazing.

One thing we do not carry with us is a face mask. According to the CDC, they will not help since COVID-19 is not an airborne virus. It’s best to save the masks for medical professionals or people who are already sick.

2. In-Flight

First of all, listen to the news: wipe down every surface of your seat before you settle in. According to the Wet Wipes instructions, the wet residue that is left behind should stay there- let it soak in as long as possible to maximize the impact.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the armrest, tray table, seat back recliner button and seat back pocket, be sure to purrell your hands. Make sure you continue to sanitize your hands anytime you touch the bathroom door or other surfaces on the plane.

Whether it’s an hour long flight or a 12 hour transatlantic, it’s critical to drink ample amounts of water. For everyone hour that goes by, I try to remember to drink one glass of water. I travel with this water bottle, which helps me stay on track.

3. After your flight

After every flight, we take a hot shower and if possible, wash our clothes. It’s super important to rid your body of any leftover bacteria. We take an EmergenC after our flight as well.

I know some of these tricks may seem straight-forward, but hopefully you find them useful. We’ve had a lot of success following our own little process of taking care of ourselves and we hope it helps you in this crazy flu season.

Be careful, stay cautious and be sure to follow the news and CDC recommendations.

Do you have any ticks of your own? Let us know!

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