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TIA Wellness Danang

TIA Wellness is a beautiful boutique property that focuses on wellness and relaxation. With included spa treatments, all day breakfast and a beautiful, lush property, we were blown away by the inclusions and the quality of the services. We spent a lovely three nights on property so read on to find out what to expect if you’re considering TIA Wellness for your next vacation.

Location: 4/5

TIA Wellness is located 20 minutes from Danang International Airport (DAD) and sits on a pristine beachfront that spans over 30 kilometers. The beachfront is beautiful, with soft white sand and beautiful water. The water had more swells during our stay in the winter, though we hear int he summer it’s easily swimmable and calm. TIA is approximately 30 minutes from Hoi An town center, filled with incredible shops and restaurants. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and is truly one of the most beautiful towns in the world. It’s only 10 minutes from downtown Danang as well, which is a lively city right on the beach with restaurants, shops and night clubs.

The only downside to the location is the looming high rise hotel next to the property that has been abandoned since COVID. It unfortunately towers over the beautiful boutique property and is visible from pretty much every angle. It can be quite overwhelming to see it at first since it’s very, very abandoned. I was able to look past it once we were there, but it is something to be aware of.

The convenience of the location to Hoi An and to Danang makes this a great jumping off point for exploring the region and despite the looming abandoned building next door, many guests were there to explore the region and come back to a relaxing retreat at the end of the day.

Lobby & Check in experience: 5/5

The intention of TIA Wellness is to be a relaxing retreat and the entrance portrays that concept very well. When we pulled into the resort, we were greeted immediately by bell staff who took our luggage and walked us into the lobby bar for a seated check in with a delicious tea welcome beverage and cold towel. While our room was not ready as we checked in at 11am, we were provided information about the resort, our inclusions and the available facilities. The check in was efficient, friendly and yet felt very relaxing. We had pre-booked our allotted 80-minute treatments so we were provided with a schedule for our stay.

Rooms: 4.5/5

Every room at the property is a villa with private plunge pool, whether it’s a one, two or three bedroom villa. We were booked into 3004, a beautiful and private one-bedroom villa. The villas are technically 4 villas in one building, but they feel as though they are standalone villas due to the structure and layout. Right when you walk into the room, there is a living room with access to a private outdoor courtyard with seating area outside as well as the interior L-shaped couch. There is a king bed with beautiful canopy also facing the pool outside with a separate sliding door to access the pool. The bathroom is complete with a sunken tub, rain shower and double vanity.

The minibar is included and comes with water, wellness (flavored) water with fruit and a variety of wellness snacks like nuts and dried fruits. It’s a nice touch to have the included minibar and it is restocked once a day.

The style of the room is beautiful and evokes the same feeling of tranquility and peace as the rest of the property. The exterior is surrounded by lush foliage and greenery, making it feel completely separate from the outside world. While there were people in the neighboring rooms, we never heard any noise from another room furthering the feeling that these villas are very private. The television can be turned to face the bathtub or the bedroom, which was very clever. All of the one-bedroom villas are the same and there’s really no bad room location. We were located a bit closer to the pool and beach area, which was very convenient, but the entire property is very small and easy to walk around.

Keep in mind there are only a few beachfront villas and they are larger two and three bedrooms so if you book here, you will likely be booking more “garden view” style rooms.

Service: 4/5

TIA Wellness has been around for many years and while there are a lot of new staff, we met a number of staff who had been there for several years. The service is polite, friendly and extremely efficient overall.

Housekeeping comes twice a day and we absolutely loved the restocked minibar with delicious healthy beverages and snacks as well as the beautiful nightly gifts at turndown. Every day, they stripped the sheets and did an impeccable job cleaning up.

Service at the restaurants was hyper-efficient and they were extremely focused on making sure glasses were never empty and that you had what you needed. While we felt it was almost overbearing at times, we did appreciate the attentive level of service.

The one area service fell short was at the pool. While they did have menus around and at least 5 pool boys, they mostly stood talking at the corner of the pool for most of the day. We did not see them helping people get towels or taking orders, making it very unclear what their true purpose was. We did see multiple guests go into the bar at the restaurant to order drinks, which really felt like a missed opportunity for the pool staff. For how incredible the rest of the service was, we were disappointed that this seemed like a missed opportunity for the resort to achieve that true 5 star level of service.

Pool boys aside, we found the level of service to be very high from check in through check out, with personal touches and thoughtful nightly gifts. They are extremely action oriented when it comes to feedback and we have no doubt that as the newer staff are upleveled and trained, they will achieve that 5 star service rating.

Dining: 4/5

There are two dining outlets on property as well as the bar and room service. Overall, the quality of the food was very high and the concept of all-day breakfast was well done.

The Dining Room is the more formal of the two main restaurants and they service breakfast in the morning as well as dinner. Their dinner menu features Vietnamese and “modern” or western dishes. The breakfast is a buffet + a la carte option and this was our preferred breakfast restaurant thanks to the multitude of options available.

The Ocean Bistro is the restaurant located next to the pool and serves all day breakfast, lunch and dinner. The resort does include breakfast in every room rate, but they have added a twist to it. You can have breakfast at any time the entire day, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening at the Ocean Bistro. On the day of our arrival, we ended up having breakfast for dinner since it was included and it was a fun experience. Breakfast has a mix of healthy and traditional options and we loved the ability to get green juice and healthy options included.

They do offer room service as well, which we did not partake in this time but is a great option if you want to relax in the privacy of your villa. I’d say overall, the service was good, though almost too attentive. It felt like someone was watching you and waiting for you since there weren’t that many people on property. That being said, they were extremely fast to respond to requests or issues. For example, we found the coffee at the Ocean Bistro to be excellent and the next morning we had coffee at The Dining Room but were super disappointed as it wasn’t the same. We brought it up to a manager and within 1 hour they had gone to the other restaurant, figured out how to make the coffee the same way and brought it back to The Dining Room and provided us with fresh, delicious coffee. The next morning, we ordered coffee at The Dining Room again and it was perfectly made. It was very clear to us that they take feedback extremely seriously and without being defensive and work actively to make changes.

Facilities: 5/5

TIA Wellness has excellent facilities across the board that focus on wellness, relaxation and a peaceful retreat from the chaos of Danang. One of the differentiators for TIA is the inclusion of 80 minutes of spa treatments every day at the spa. The spa is a beautiful space at the back of the property that includes a spa pool accessible to guests any time, a private sauna and steam room that guests can book free of charge every day as well as the treatment rooms. There is a menu of spa treatments that range from manicures and pedicures to 30 minute facials, 50 minute massages and 80 minute massages that are available complimentary. There are add on treatments that you can book for a charge if you want to extend your 80 minutes.

The fitness center is located next to the pool and contains a cardio equipment room as well as a training and weights room. The cardio room has great treadmills and cardio machines facing the pool while the training room is darker and has a very cool vibe. There is a punching bag, standard weights and some non-traditional machines available. They have water and cold towels available and it is open 24/7.

The main pool is beautiful and extends to the edge of the property with an infinity edge. While I believe they do have pool service, no one came to us during our stay on the beach or pool. The main pool is next to the beach and during the summer months, guests can swim in the ocean or in the pool.

The resort does offer a variety of complimentary activities like yoga, breathwork and fun cultural activities like lantern making. They do also offer a complimentary shuttle to Hoi An every day so guests can explore the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site without the need for a taxi.

Overall, the facilities at TIA Wellness are impeccable and the inclusion of all day breakfast and 80-minute spa treatments make this a tremendous value for travelers looking for a beautiful, relaxing jumping off point in the Danang area.

Style: 5/5

TIA Wellness really understand the vibe that their brand is trying to achieve. The furniture is comfortable, oversized and has beautiful textures. Every piece of design and decor feels like it is trying to mimic the yin and yang and they’ve done an excellent job putting it all together. The villas feel private, tranquil and luxurious and that extends to the public areas like the pool loungers and seating nooks around the small resort. There is also a tremendous amount of foliage and lush covering of walls and the surrounding area that makes you feel like you’re in a jungle retreat on the beach.

Overall: 4.5/5

Overall, TIA Wellness was a wonderful find in Danang. From beautiful villa-style accommodations, excellent access to the region and friendly service, we had a fantastic experience at TIA. If you are looking for a relaxation retreat that gives you easy access to Danang, Hoi An and beyond, TIA is a great value and a great place to stay for couples and friend-groups.

Disclaimer: We were hosted by TIA Wellness on a media stay. Please know the opinions expressed are all our own and may not reflect the hotel’s own views.


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