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Hyatt Centric Park City Escala Provisions

As some of you know, Max and I are huge skiers.   We live for winter and LOVE ski-in-ski-out hotels. We first stayed at the Hyatt in Park City in 2015 when it was still a Hyatt Escala Lodge and wanted to test it out again once it became a Centric.  We booked with our Chase Hyatt credit card that gives you Discoverist status and an extra 3x points when spending at Hyatt properties.

We can’t wait to tell you about our trip so read on!

Location: 4/5

The Centric is about 35-45 minutes from the SLC International Airport. Uber Ski (uber that has a ski rack or box) will get you there cheaper than most shuttle services, unless there’s a snowstorm or very high demand. The hotel itself is at the base of Canyons (now part of Park City) and has it’s own ski lift accessible from the 2nd floor ski valet area. Unfortunately, what Max and I did not realize was that if there’s no snow, that lift doesn’t run and therefore is not ski-in-ski-out. The staff said the lift typically opens up after the new year so keep that in mind when you book.

The hotel does, however, offer a shuttle ride (about 2 minutes) to the base of Canyons where you can take the lifts directly. We did not find this to be a huge inconvenience and were appreciative for the quick ride but we did wish we’d known this before.

Main Street is Park City’s shopping district and is about a 15 minute car ride away. The Centric offers a shuttle to Park City every hour starting at 5pm so prior to that, you have to uber/lyft or take the free electric city bus (they have USB chargers, it’s fancy). We found the free bus ride to be easy, quick and a pleasant experience. We also took a few ubers and it cost ~$9 each way.

Lobby & Check in experience: 5/5

Max and I arrived around 11am after taking the first flight out of SFO. We had not been to the hotel since their renovations and they have updated the furniture in the lobby. Every couch, chair and table it seems had built in USB and outlets to charge your devices while you hung out. There’s a big fireplace in the middle of the room and this time of year, their was garland hanging around the mantel. The lobby has ample seating around the fireplace and a gorgeous Christmas tree at the front entrance. There’s also apple cider and treats in the lobby every day.

When you walk inside, the front desk is directly facing the door. There’s also a small (*pricey) market next to the front desk and to the right of the lobby is the restaurant and bar.

We were greeted warmly by the same front desk agent we met two years ago and she told us about the open runs on the mountain and activities around the hotel. She mentioned the ski valet is now part of the resort fee so we could leave our skis with the valet and each morning they would have our skis ready to go at the front door since we could not ski out directly from the hotel. We were checked in quickly and sent to the elevators.

Rooms: 4.5/5

Last trip, we were upgraded to a ridiculously massive two-bedroom suite which was amazing. This time, we were not as lucky but did get a beautiful room on the 5th floor (518B). Our view was facing the mountain and due to the slope of the hill, our view seemed lower than a 5th floor typically would, but it was beautiful and well-lit.

When you enter the room, there is a small “mudroom” area next to the closet to leave your wet ski gear. There was ample closet space and the most comfortable robes you will ever try in your life. They sell them for $80 if you choose to keep one. There were also slippers in the closet so you didn’t have to lug your boots down to the pool.

There were also the typical features of a standard room: comfortable bed, desk, drawer set and TV. There was a lovely gas fireplace that we had on all the time because it’s so cozy. There is a small balcony that was really nice to enjoy mid-day when the sun was on it.

We had a small “kitchenette” that included a sink, microwave, good-sized refrigerator, glass-wear (YASSS no plastic!) and a keurig. The kuerig had tea, coffee, decaf and hot cocoa.

The bathrooms haven’t changed since the renovation but were very well cleaned. In fact, throughout our stay we were incredibly impressed with the housekeeping on property. In fact, we had a big laugh when we asked for a few more toiletries and they came up with this:

Overall, the rooms were great. They were also extremely quiet which is one thing that is incredibly important for me in hotels. I am a light sleeper and if I can hear the neighbors, it bugs me.

Facilities: 5/5

One of my favorite hotel hot tubs is at this Hyatt Centric.  It’s gorgeous! Check out our instagram picture for proof. There’s also a lovely warm pool that was comfortable to stay in during the freezing temps.  There is a second hot tub but it was closed for maintenance during our stay but it has a cool waterfall feature.

There is also a dry sauna and steam room in each of the locker rooms in the fitness center (connected to the pool area).  We enjoyed this almost daily and loved it.  The steam room is 5 stars- super clean and smelled amazing. This was a huge plus for us after our daily skiing.

They do not have a spa on property, but I was told they could recommend spas and organize it for us if we wanted to do that.  We declined this time due to other plans but it’s good to know for next time.

I mentioned the ski valet earlier- this is a huge plus.  We did not have to lug our skis back and forth from the room. When we first arrived we left our equipment with the valet and each morning they would have our skis ready to go at the front door. When we returned from skiing, they would take our skis for us.

The hotel offers a shuttle service to Canyons mountain base every day at any time (on demand). Starting at 5pm, they also offer an hourly shuttle to Main Street in Park City as well as to the local grocery store and liquor store. This is a great advantage since the hotel is not located in downtown Park City.

Dining: 4/5

We had breakfast at the restaurant 3 times and enjoyed our dishes (steak & eggs, scrambles, etc). The lattés were so-so but the coffee was great. The decor in there is lovely and the views are beautiful. We did not have lunch or dinner there as we chose to explore Main Street in Park City (sign up for our blog updates on the right – blog post on shopping and dining coming soon).

They do have room service but we did not take advantage of this. On our last stay, they served the room service in to-go containers and we are not fans of that. I’m not sure if that’s how they still do it but we didn’t really want to try.

There is also a market in the lobby with some essentials and snacks. They also do breakfast burritos and other items. We didn’t grab any food here because it was the same price as sitting down in the restaurant but I imagine the food quality is the same as the restaurant since it’s the same kitchen. It seems helpful if you are running late to the mountain and need something quick on your way.

Service: 5/5

The service was great at the Centric. There were a few exceptions as always but for the most part, the staff were incredibly helpful, kind and just wanted to have a good time. After 4 nights, we felt like we knew some of the staff and felt very “at home”. As I mentioned earlier, the housekeeping was amazing and the overabundance of toiletries was funny. The valet staff were always willing to take us around and had tons of advice of where to go, what to do and when to do it.

The Centric does have a texting service, which we found was a bit of a hit or miss since often staff did not respond. One time, I texted them to get the shuttle to pick us up at the mountain and no one replied. Later that day, I received a text apologizing for the mishap and he sent up a bag of snacks from their market as an apology. I thought that was really wonderful service and it was greatly appreciated when we devoured all of it.

We also received a 4pm late check out because our flight was not until that evening, which was a nice gesture as well.

Overall: 4.6

Overall, the Centric was a great experience. The location is excellent if you can take advantage of the ski-in-ski-out later in the season and the offering of the shuttle to Park City in the evenings is great. The service was top notch and the rooms were extremely comfortable. We will definitely return to the property and recommend it to all of you if you’re looking for a relaxing winter retreat with plenty of activities to keep you busy during the day.

Have you been to Park City before? What’s your favorite hotel?

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