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Resorts World is the first new construction on the Las Vegas strip in a decade and we could not have been more excited to check into one of our favorite brands: Conrad. We secured a great deal using AmEx Fine Hotels & Resorts with the new $200 hotel credit. We’ll tell you a little bit more about the FHR program, but Conrad certainly did not disappoint.

Location: 4.5/5

Resorts World is made up of three properties: Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords. Until this complex, the farthest any normal person would venture on the Las Vegas strip was the Wynn & Encore hotels located just across the street. Resorts World is what you could consider “North Strip”, being the far end of the hub.

Resorts World is starting to bridge the gap between downtown Las Vegas (and the famous Fremont Street) and the Strip as we know it today. On its own, it’s truly a destination with shopping, restaurants, a casino and beautiful facilities for guests of the three hotels. It’s also just as close to the airport as most other hotels on the Strip since you don’t need to deal with the congestion of the central Strip area.

While you won’t be walking to the Bellagio during your stay, everything is within a short Uber or Taxi distance. It also gives you an opportunity to explore the Wynn and Encore as well as our personal favorite mall in Las Vegas, the Fashion Show Mall, next door.

Lobby & Check in experience: 4.5/5

Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords all have their own lobbies, even though they share the rest of their facilities. Compared to the Hilton lobby, the Conrad was stunning and bright. Upon pulling up to the entry, we were greeted by more valet than I’ve seen since before COVID-19 and they were all incredibly friendly and efficient. The lobby itself is gorgeous, smells fantastic and has a welcoming energy. The bar to the left offers a great reprieve and really sets the tone for the rest of your experience. While the lines can get quite long, we arrived at 2pm on a Wednesday and there was no one in either line. Since we are Hilton Gold, we had access to the shorter lane for Resorts World player card holders and Hilton elites. As a note, there were more than enough people working at the front desk to handle the busy times, unlike our expeirence at Virgin.

We booked on Fine Hotels and Resorts through American Express which comes with a number of great amenities:

  • 12pm check in (though we did not take advantage of this)
  • 4pm guaranteed check out
  • room upgrade (to the next category)
  • breakfast credit of $66
  • $125 F&B credit to spend anywhere on property
  • welcome beverage of champagne in the lobby bar

These credits were also supplemented with the Hilton Gold/Diamond $25 per person credit, totaling our credits to $241. Overall, we found this to be an excellent value. We were also upgraded to a one-bedroom suite overlooking the strip. Add to it the fact that we received a $200 from AmEx, this was essentially a free stay.

After check in, we grabbed our complimentary champagne in the bar before heading to our room.

This is the Hilton Resorts World Lobby for reference:

Finally, this is the Crockfords lobby:

Rooms: 4.5/5

We booked a Premium City View room through AmEx and were upgraded to the Strip View One Bedroom Suite. While the upgrade could be due to our status or our booking method, we honestly think it was just asking and being nice to the front desk agent that really did it. We had a great time chatting with our agent and I think he was just being nice. Regardless, we were elated to check into a gorgeous, spacious suite.

This 1,100 square foot room has a large master bathroom & bedroom, large living room and a powder room. The suites also come with nespresso coffee machines, stocked minibars, a clever fridge for personal items and Byredo amenities. The Frette slippers and comfortable robes were waiting for us in the closets and the bed was divine. The standard rooms are essentially the bedroom portion of the suites and do not come with coffee machines.

The hotel boasts modern in-room technology and we did love most of those features. The televisions have chromecast abilities so you can binge your favorite shows, or watch cable. We also enjoyed the electronically controlled drapes and sheers, making it very easy to wake up without needing to trudge over to the window and drag it open yourself. One area of improvement we have to point out is the light switches. Not only were they a touch temperamental, but the light is so bright, even when you turn off all the lights. They are not programmed to turn off as the room light changes, essentially casting a very bright light from all corners of the room. We were able to cover the switches with hand towels and shirts, but it’s really something that should have bene considered beforehand.

We would conisder both the city view rooms and the strip view rooms to be excellent choices. The strip view room will be a bit noisier in the summer due to the dayclub on the stripside of the building. During the winter months, the dayclub is not open and should not be an issue. Similarly, if you are too far to the right (when facing the strip), you’ll also get an eyeful of the very large TV screen attached to the Hilton side of the complex. I can imagine the very bright and overpowering lights to be troublesome to guests who are too close to that side.

Overall, we found the rooms to be extremely comfortable, quiet and well decorated. We really enjoyed having the nespresso available in the suites, as well as the thoughtful addition of the personal mini-fridge that is available in every room type. Not needing to shove your personal items into the weighted fridge alleviates a lot of annoyance in general.

Service: 4/5

Overall, the service was very good on an individual level. Staff members were excited to be there, very friendy and generally very professional and good at their jobs. We did see some gaps in service, primarily when it comes to housekeeping and management, however.

Housekeeping is only available every 3 days. We find this to be unacceptable at a luxury property, particularly when other hotels in the Hilton portfolio in Las Vegas are offering daily housekeeping (like Virgin, for example). Not only is it not available daily, but they don’t mention that at check-in. Similarly, if that is the stance the hotel wants to take then it’s my expectation that the room would be immaculate. However, we did not find that our rooms were particularly clean. We did have to move rooms after an odd lighting issue was causing the lights to turn on and off every few minutes and we found the second room to be just as mediocre in the cleanliness department as the first room. There were finger prints all over the windows, mirrors and televisions and we found the carpets to be quite dusty and unvacumed. I even found old chocolate from a chocolate bar next to the table in the living room. When we asked the front desk if they could please wipe the windows when they came for cleaning, they informed us they don’t do housekeeping every day. We asked them to make an exception given how gross the surfaces of the room were as well as the fact that the bottles of products were empty and they agreed begrudgingly to send someone. Unfortunately, while they did come and make the bed, they did not wipe any surfaces or fill the bottles. To me, that signals a lack of training and management.

Aside from the housekeeping issues, individual staff members really did make our stay very enjoyable. Waiters at the restaurants were polite and friendly and provided generally great service. While there is certainly room for improvement on housekeeping and proactively addressing guest issues and following up, we found the service to be acceptable.

Dining: 4.5/5

Resorts World offers a tremendous amount of dining experiences for guests. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite of pizza, a vegan icecream, an alcoholic icecream, a 5-star sushi meal or a casual bite, you can find it all and more at the complex. Conrad does not offer its own exclusive amenities, but guests have access to any outlet on property.

Hilton elites or FHR guests can dine at The Kitchen, where they offer a buffet at $29 per person or a la carte options like Steak and Eggs ($27), omlettes ($22+) and more. Hilton elites can also use the breakfast credit at Suns out Buns out, the cute “to go” place next door to the Kitchen that features delicious breakfast items like avocado toast, egg and cheese sandwiches and more.

Our favorite dining option was Starlight on 66. This bar sits at the top of the Conrad overlooking the entire strip. It’s a stunning view and very hip bar with light bites and fantastic cocktails. It’s highly recommended to make reservations and be sure to note that you want to sit in the window. Window seating was primarily for 2 people and most of the 4+ seating was set back a bit. We used our $125 credit at Starlight and it was well worth it. There’s nothing quite like that view.

Resorts World also partnered with Grubhub, a food delivery app, to run their room service. Guests can opt to pick up or get delivery from the outlets on property. You can, of course, also do delivery from outside vendors, but if you select a place onsite, you can charge it to your room. Since we had more than enough credit for breakfast, thanks to FHR, we used our Hilton elite credit on lunch from the Kitchen. It covered two sandwiches + a side. We found this to be a great use of the honors credit and we loved how easy it was to use.

There are a number of outlets we didn’t have the chance to try, but we will certainly do so in the future when we stay at the other two properties in the complex.

Facilities: 5/5

Resorts World is truly a resort: with multiple pools, beautiful facilities and entertainment throughout the day and night. As non-gamblers, we felt very entertained with the shopping, pools, fitness center and music throughout the few days. We felt the hotel was always bustling, but never overly crowded.

The fitness center is certainly exceeds our expectations. With 6 peloton bikes, real weight sets, squat racks and more, it has everything you need for a great workout. There is even a theragun station, which was a very cool touch. The one comment I will make about the gym is that there are only 5 treadmills. Since this is a shared facility between 3 hotels, I can imagine there will be a wait during busy times. I do wish they had a few more cardio machines, but we did not have any issues when we were there around 11am.

There are a number of pools between the three properties. Unfortunately, only two were open during our visit, but it looks fantastic. The buildings were also constructed in a way that gives them sunlight for the entire day, making it a great place to hang out, even in the winter when it’s “cold” in Las Vegas.

There is a spa as well that looks spectacular, with water circuits that compete with spas in Mexico and the Caribbean. Their prices are pretty high, but may be worth it for a special occasion.

The shopping available within the complex is growing every day, with new restauants and stores opening up constantly. It feels very much like a beautiful, high tech mall in Singapore or Shanghai, with cool features and art throughout.

The hotel does offer free self-parking or $21 valet parking. The self parking is easy enough, but if you prefer valet, they do offer it within in and out access.

Style: 4.5/5

The style at Conrad was beautiful – very clean and modern, yet warm and comfortable. The oversized sofa in our suite with the fluffy pillows and warm tones matches perfectly with the comfortable seating in the lobby bar and artwork throughout.

While some of the hallways or areas felt a bit corporate or “conference-like”, we generally felt the style was cohesive throughout. We will be very interested to experience how the rooms and amenities differ at Hilton and Crockfords in the future.

Overall: 4.5

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay. I would not hesitate to book the Conrad again, particularly via AmEx Fine Hotels. We received tremendous value for our money and the Conrad was the perfect workcation for us. Resorts World impressed us with their access to amenities, fantastic rooms and delicious food.

COVID-19 Safety Rating: 3.5/5

As a Hilton property, we did have higher expectations for the Clean Stay policy. However, we were disappointed by the cleanliness of the rooms we ended up in as well as the lack of mask enforcement, despite the county mandates for Las Vegas. We felt the security staff could have done a much better job enforcing masks as the property got busier and busier over the few days. At the buffet, there should have been a person enforcing mask wearing, however, we never saw anyone ask guests to wear masks. We personally never ate at the buffet for this reason. We also felt management should have implemented the clean stay policies with their housekeeping staff in order to improve the cleanliness one expects during this time.

The reduction of housekeeping is not a COVID safety measure, but rather a cost-savings measure and guests see right through it. Given these issues, we felt there was a large room for improvement across the property when it comes to being COVID-19 safe. We do hope on our next visit that these issues are addressed as we would not feel comfortable recommending the hotel to someone who is anxious about COVID-19 safety at this time.

In positive news, they did offer hand sanitizer and masks within eye sight everywhere on property. The hand sanitizer stations were always full, as were the masks.


  • Diana Burwell

    December 14, 2021

    It looks like a lovely property and nice review but I do like the Hilton policy about cleaning rooms every couple of days. Not for me and neither are the big bottles in the showers which everybody touches and no one wipes down.. Are there any other hotel chains that have adopted this policy ?

  • Kien

    December 22, 2021

    Hello: Thank you for the thoughtful review. Do you think there would be any negatives when staying at the property during the winter months? Are the pools heated? Any closed facilities other than the dayclub? Final question is how many meals did the $125 get you with two people staying. Thanks again.

  • Ramon

    August 5, 2022

    Bad experience. Digital and regular keys were troublesome. Hotel refuses to honor the $25 daily meal credit. No customer service. Stay away. This is not a Conrad Hilton.
    Want stupendous service? Visit Conrad NYC!
    Conrad Las Vegas is a fraud.
    Zero Stars!


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