Looking for affordable luxury right off the coast in Nadi in Fiji? Look no further than Serenity! We booked on Chase Ultimate Rewards points the day we left the US and are so glad we did! When we booked the Serenity Island Resort, we had no idea what to expect. For such a reasonably priced property (at the time, we paid just under $100 USD a night), we were blown away by the experience! We booked our transfer through the hotel and within an hour and a half, we were on the beautiful private island of Serenity.

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We booked a beachfront bungalow, and it was worth the upgrade! Complete with your own hammock on the beach, you have a private, wonderful bungalow on your own stretch of beach. Our favorite feature of the hotel was the incredible staff. The service was so genuine, friendly and kind that we never wanted to leave! The staff treated us like family and taught us about their own villages, brought us coconuts and serenaded us nightly at dinner.

Yasawa Island Resort Private Island

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The restaurant on the island serves all the meals, and while some were better than others, we really enjoyed the fresh seafood and selection. Eating with your toes in the sand is really the only thing that matters in life (haha!)

There are few words to describe how much we loved Serenity Island Resort. As you can tell by our bonus category, the experience we had was so incredibly unique and special that we never wanted to leave. Add to it the fact that we haven’t been so relaxed in a long time. We truly loved Serenity and if you’re looking for a casual, beautiful property near Nadi in Fiji, we cannot recommend it highly enough.

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