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Cabarete article

Cabarete’s most unique feature is the incredible beachfront stacked with restaurants and bars in the sand. While many towns center around a main street, Cabarete’s main street is really the beachfront. In this guide, we will share our favorites both on the beach and off, along with some that you may want to try but come with an asterisk.

Beachfront dining


Mojitos is really an institution in Cabarete. Always the most crowded on every night of the week, Mojitos takes no reservations and offers diners an extensive casual menu. Aptly named, their mojitos are the best on the beach. No other place on the beach offers as low pricing with as consistent quality. Check out their daily specials menus that typically come with a free mojito and fries.

Some of our favorite dishes are the Lorenzo Bruschetta, Camarones al Ajillo, Dominican Mixed Fried and the Taiwan salad. Mojitos is a must-do in Cabarete. Be prepared to wait for a table, but it’s worth it.

For delivery contact Mojitos via Whatsapp: (829) 723-5534

Ula Norte

Ula is one of the newest and hippest bars and restaurants in Cabarete. They are most well known for their nightlife and DJ sets later in the evenings when the chill bar becomes a real party. This is a great spot for appetizers and sunset cocktails as well as a day lounging on the beach.

For delivery, order online from Ula Norte via


Ojo is one of the most happening places on the beach in Cabarete. Ojo is a restaurant, yes, but it is more focused on its club. The food is not fantastic, but the cocktails are good and strong and after 10pm, it becomes a real party.  Strangely, they do also have a fantastic breakfast for around $7 USD with enough food for 2 people.

Front Loop

Front Loop is the perfect spot during the day to grab a beach chair and watch the kite boarders in Cabarete bay. They feature good light bites, like ceviches and pricey but decent cocktails.Their vibe is always fun and playful and it’s a great place to hang for the day if you are there to kite or just people watch!


While service is not their strong suit, the pizzas and pastas are pretty good. Pomodoro is the only true Italian restaurant on the beach in Cabarete and does have a great assortment. Their seating is not ideal from the comfort perspective, but if you’re craving a good pizza with a view, this is your spot. They’re also know for their cute Gelato stand!

For delivery contact Pomodoro via Whatsapp: (809) 602-3816

Voy Voy

The food is not their best feature, but they do have a great come-one-come-all open mic night on Sundays that is very popular with the locals in Cabarete. It’s a great happy hour spot for a gin and tonic while lounging out on the wide beachfront seating. If you are a musician yourself, be sure to serenade the town on Sunday nights!


Novus is a new restaurant on the beach in Cabarete with tasty seafood. This new gem is owned by Mar y Brassa and offers similar cuisine to the next two spots on the list.

Mar y Brassa

Mar y Brassa opened in 2020 in Cabarete and features a pretty extensive menu of seafood, meat and pasta. While somewhat inconsistent in quality, they do have decent cocktails and good seafood. The grilled octopus is generally delicious.


Danny’s in Cabarete used to be cash only, but now that they accept credit cards, it has really allowed them to flourish. They feature a similar menu to Mar y Brassa and carry seasonal specialities like conch and lobster. 

Le Bistro

This cute little french bistro in Cabarete is technically not on the beach, but rather right down the alley next to Pomodoro restaurant. It features delicious french specialties and is absolutely worth a stop in. They only have a few tables so do note that you should make a reservation to be safe.

La Casita de Papi

If you look up reviews of Papi’s in Cabarete, it’s not exactly encouraging. The owner is super rude and the food is inconsistent at best. It has been a staple on the beach for many years, just be warned that the prices are high for the service experience you may receive. Oh, and they only take cash or Mastercard…


Drifter is one of the highest-priced restaurants on the beach in Cabarete, but has a great “vibe”. If you’re open to paying San Francisco/New York prices for a cocktail, it’s a great place to stop in for a delicious cocktail before dinner. The food has been inconsistent in the past, so we personally recommend it for a cocktail over the food. Be sure to grab a comfy seat in the sand. 


Nectar is situated in the Morning Breeze apartment complex in Cabarete and doesn’t feature any beachfront seating. However, they do have a beautiful view a story above the beach and guests can find delicious Thai food and a good happy hour. 

Velero – Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill is a gorgeous setting on the edge of Cabarete bay and is the perfect place for a sunset cocktail and appetizers. The service is generally very good and it has the prime sunset viewing spot of all of Cabarete. It’s accessible by beach during low tide or by cutting in front of Lifestyle hotel’s beachfront and making a left at the end of the road to Velero Hotel. 

Off-beach dining

While I am not going to lie and say I spend a lot of time off the beach when we’re in Cabarete, there are some notable dining spots with delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner that sit off the beach on the main road. 


Vagamundo is a cute, trendy cafe in Cabarete near the Millenium Hotel. While out of the main drag of town center, Vagamundo is a great place to get some work done (just make sure your laptop is charged because they don’t have a lot of outlets). They have great mixed coffee beverages and a selection of grain bowls, waffles and salads. They sometimes have DJs playing chill beats, making it a very Bali-vibes place.

Fresh Fresh

Fresh Fresh is our personal favorite for lunch in Cabarete. Fresh smoothies, delicious fresh wraps, bowls and sandwiches make up the extensive menu. They do have a patio if you want to dine in, but wear bug spray. 

Raro Pizza & Pasta

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Cabarete, Raro should be the first place to stop. They offer very fast delivery for ordering via whatsapp. If you dine in, be sure to wear bug spray.

For delivery contact Raro via Whatsapp at: (849) 210-1300


A well known higher-end restaurant tucked at the entrance of Callejon, Bliss is well known for some of the most elevated cuisine in Cabarete, and high-quality meats. It’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a nice meal and willing to go off the beach. It’s typically the restaurant of choice for people celebrating a special occasion. 


Friends is a popular local spot for lunch in Cabarete and it’s no surprise. Their prices are super reasonable for fresh sandwiches and breads. If you’re looking for something cheap and tasty, this is worth the stop.

Rebelde Gourmet

This new gourmet shop in Cabarete recently opened in Ocean Dream Plaza and features imported delicacies, wines and tasty sandwiches and salads. You can dine in or purchase gourmet meats and goods to take with you.


Although, there were once more, Yamazato’s is the only sushi restaurant in Cabarete. Yamazato’s is very good overall and does offer a number of fresh, delicious, and generous rolls and hot plates.

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