Why the Hyatt Chase Credit Card is now one of the most valuable in your wallet

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Recently in hospitality and travel, you may have noticed a number of emails asking you to connect your Hilton account with Lyft, making it easier than ever to earn points and miles for your next trip. This trend is growing and big hotel brands are partnering up or acquiring smaller brands left and right to make it easier to redeem and earn points at more hotels around the world.

Recently, Hyatt acquired Two Roads Hospitality, the parent company to Alila, Joie De Vivre, Thompson hotels and several other boutique brands. This purchase expanded Hyatt’s reach to 23 new markets. So if there is anyone like me out there thinking, “man I wish Hyatt was in X city”, check again. You might be surprised at what you find.

So, why does this make the credit card that much more valuable?

With this acquisition comes the ability to not only earn points at any of those brands, but also redeem them using Hyatt’s incredibly valuable points. While I love a good Park Hyatt, personally, there are some times I want to stay in something more boutique on our trips. There have also been a lot of moments in the past where I’ve been disappointed to find that there is no Hyatt in whatever city I’m headed to. Since I have the Hyatt credit card, it’s so easy for me to redeem those points and having a huge variety of new options makes this so valuable.

Just recently, I accessed Hyatt’s category page on their site, and saw this under Category 4 (15,000 points per night):

Over 60% of the hotels in Europe have just been added, many thanks to the Two Roads acquisition. These category 4 hotels can not only be redeemed for 15,000 points, but they can also be redeemed using your annual free night on the Hyatt Chase credit card.

You can even find several new properties in category 1-3 as well, including El Convento (a Small Luxury Hotels of the World property) in Guatemala for 12,000 points per night, Or this SLH property in Italy for 12k per night. That means if you get the Hyatt credit card right now at the 50,000 point sign-up bonus, you could spend 4 nights at a luxury hotel in Italy.

While I am avoiding Category 8 due to the high points price tag that I personally would be hard-pressed to book, here are some of our favorite options in each tier up to category 7:

Hyatt category 1 (5,000 points):

Hyatt category 2 (8,000 points):

Hyatt category 3 (12,000 points):

Hyatt category 4 (15,000 points):

Hyatt category 5 (20,000 points):

Hyatt category 6 (25,000 points):

Hyatt category 7 (30,000 points):

You may notice some of the most famous hotels in the world are among this list. My mouth is literally watering thinking about these properties that we now have the opportunity to stay at, that typically carry a price tag well over $1,000 per night. Anything in category 4 and below is fair game with your annual free night, too.

If you’re wondering if the Hyatt card is right for you, check out our free e-book for some of the other perks. Let us know your favorite hotels and where you’re heading next!