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We spent a few weeks on the beautiful island of Mauritius, ending our time on the island with a vacation at Lagoon Attitude, an adults-only all-inclusive resort in the northern area of Anse la Raie. While about an hour from the airport, this paradise felt like a more untouched and raw side of Mauritius. Read on to learn more about our experience at Lagoon Attitude!

Location: 4/5

Lagoon Attitude is located on the north side of Mauritius in an area called Anse La Raie. It is a stunning area of the island and features dramatic landscapes, an abundance of foliage and it feels a but more untouched. It is a small coastal village, situated between Cap Malheureux and Calodyne and is known for its serene beaches, clear blue waters, and stunning coral reefs.

The village is a popular destination for tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the area. The beach at Anse la Raie is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing, and there are plenty of water sports activities available, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

The area is known for its kiteboarding access, but it is worth noting that this hotel does not have an accessible kiting beach, despite their marketing materials. The kitesurfing beach is a 15-20 minute walk or 5 minute drive from the resort.

Lobby & Check in experience: 4/5

The lobby at Lagoon Attitude is a nice, airy central point for the property. The spa is located off the lobby and there is a business area with computers and access to a printer. When we arrived on property, we were seated in the lobby and provided with a delicious welcome beverage during the seated check in. 

We were greeted by the general manager, who explained the eco concept of the hotel and we appreciated the insights and care into their program. He explained the water filtration machines that are accessible throughout the property as well as the focus on local goods and amenities. 

The whole check-in was fairly short and we were taken to our room by a front desk attendant shortly after.

Rooms: 3/5

We had booked a Couples Seafront Room and were looking forward to spending 5 nights enjoying a nice view on our patio. We were quite disappointed when we walked into our room that had a view straight into one of the restaurants, Taba-J. The sea was a distant spec of blue from the room’s patio and was not at all like the photos on the website. We did end up moving from this room later that evening.

The room itself is 376 square feet and includes a bathroom with shower, single vanity and toilet room as well as a king bed, small TV and chair. After our experience at Sunrise Attitude, we were disappointed by the style in the room and the maintenance overall. It seemed a bit dingy and needed some refreshed paint and touch ups. 

Ultimately, the hotel does not differentiate between the rooms facing “the water” well. Anything that is facing the direction of the water is called “sea front”, when in reality, there are not really any rooms that we would classify as truly seafront. The image on their website is taken from one of the rooms closest to the water, but also located literally directly next door to the water sports center.  We spoke with many guests who were extremely disappointed with their room allocation. Some of them were upgraded, some of them were told they were out of luck.

We ended up moving to a room that was a bit more private but had a giant, poorly maintained balcony with only two chairs that were too short to enjoy the view from. The patio was so long that you can actually not see the water without walking closer to the edge or standing up. This room would have been ok if they had had chaise loungers or a dining set or even a hammock on the patio. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to move a chaise lounge to the balcony and ended up not spending any time in the room because of it.

Personally, if I had known the true layout of the hotel, I would have booked a poolside room as they were the most central and had the best view. Most of those patios also feature hammock chairs and better patio railings, versus the wall that we had. Do note that the standard couples rooms face into the walkway and are not private.

Service: 3.5/5

Service includes both service from staff as well as housekeeping. The hotel does offer housekeeping daily and they refill your water as well as towels. Housekeeping did a good job every day and even surprised us with cute towel art.  

The service at the restaurants was generally hit or miss. We had some fantastic experiences, particularly after providing feedback about dishes that were a miss and having them go all out to try and fix it. We did also get moved to a new room, though that involved multiple arguments which was a negative guest experience. 

The service staff themselves were lovely and excited to serve you and introduce you to Mauritian food. We did have pleasant meal times and experiences at the bars. Since the hotel was a bit crowded, the bar service was very slow in the evenings during the evening entertainment. 

Dining: 3/5

Lagoon Attitude did have a number of restaurants open during our stay. Their website shows a restaurant called Lemongrass and the Juice Bar that did not appear to be open during our stay, but we did try the other available options. Here is our breakdown of each outlet:

Le Bénitier

Le Bénitier is the main restaurant on property that we frequented for breakfast every morning. They had a very varied buffet with options for vegans and meat-eaters alike. They offered an omelet station and fruit, yogurts, cereals, breads and more. We typically enjoyed yogurt and fresh fruit each morning. They serve coffee and tea at the table and you can request a pot of coffee at the table. They do also serve water to you, we found it hit or miss if we requested a bottle of water. Sometimes they did not want to provide the whole bottle, which was a bit odd.


Coral is the higher end restaurant located near the north end of the property overlooking the pool and ocean beyond. They feature an a la carte menu and we had two different experiences at Coral. Coral is clearly where they offer honeymoon dinners because they did not let us sit at the window seats, even when they sat empty all night, because they were reserved for honeymooners. We ate at Coral twice – the first time was not particularly good and we did complain about some of the items being super overcooked. The chef and manager told us to please come back and try again and they would perfect the sear on the tuna steak. We did come back and try again and the second time, they nailed it. Their service at Coral was excellent and they kept our glasses full with my favorite local lychee wine and sparkling water all night. The setting was lovely so we hope they focus on food consistency in the future.

Kot Nou

Kot Nou is the Mauritian restaurant on the property. The setting is quaint, and located in a tropical corner of the property. The concept is a bit confusing and no one seemed able to tell us how to order in the best way. While the menu doesn’t explicitly show this, it is a set menu. You can essentially choose 1 of 2 soups, then a meat, fish or veggie assortment and then a dessert. The food is already pre-prepared buffet style and they serve it to you. While the food is good, it feels like a concept that makes more sense on paper than it does in practice. For example, as someone who likes longer dinners and ordering over time, this felt like a rushed experience and they were very confused why I didn’t want a soup. We’d love to see them lean more into freshly made food that really showcases the best Mauritius has to offer.


Taba-J is the Mauritian food truck that is open for lunch and an afternoon snack. This was our absolute favorite eatery on property. They feature a rotating mix of amazing Mauritian street food like rotis, curries and samosas and other appetizers. After staying at Sunrise, we were elated to find Taba-J available at Lagoon and sought it out right away.

There are a few bars on the property, namely the pool bar, seabreeze, with cool hanging chairs as well as the nightly entertainment bar, Wave. Both bars feature the same cocktail menus and beverages throughout the day. The all-inclusive menu is fairly extensive. We found their cocktails to be on the sweet side, so we preferred to stick with wines and beers, especially the local Funky Parrot wine. 

Overall, we had inconsistent, but good, dining experiences during our stay at Lagoon Attitude. We loved the laid back atmosphere and focus on Mauritian cuisine throughout. We hope they elevate the Kot Nou experience as that has the potential to be the best restaurant in the hotel.

Facilities: 4.5/5

Lagoon Attitude has a number of facilities and amenities for guests, including 3 pools, a beach, spa, gym and shop. It’s a widespread property with a lot of areas to relax and enjoy – here’s our breakdown:


There is a main pool located near the main restaurant and entertainment area. It is a large pool, with ample chaise loungers both in and out of the pool, a great bar and music throughout the day. They do offer mineral sunscreen by the pool bar in case you forget sunscreen as well as unlimited sparkling and still water. 

There are two additional pools located up by Coral restaurant and bar. There is a pool with a couple of lounge chairs in front of the restaurant as well as a smaller pool behind the restaurant. These are the quiet pools on property and we did not see many people around during the day.


Along the edge of the water, there are seemingly endless beach chairs. The access to the water is limited to a small bay with perfectly calm, shallow water. You could spend the entire day lounging in the water without so much as a ripple. The rest of the edge of water is built up rock walls so you can sit on the edge of the water and all chairs offer umbrellas. 

Gym & spa

Lagoon Attitude has a gym located under the main restaurant in the center of the property as well as a spa located next to the lobby. The gym has a mix of cardio equipment and weights and is small but has the essentials. The spa, while we did not have a chance to try it due to it being full, has great prices on a variety of treatments. 


We loved the little shop at the hotel. They feature primarily Mauritian made products, including their own line of clothing. Max bought a nice linen shirt that was branded by the hotel as well as a pair of swim trunks. They didn’t have a lot of products, but what they had was high quality and trendy. 

There is also a “minibar” shop that includes a variety of complimentary products you can fill up small jars and take to your room. They also sell items like dried fruit and chocolate. We like their eco-friendly jars that you can take to refill products for your room, included in the all inclusive package. You can also pick up water bottles from the minibar, which we did frequently. We recommend bringing a beach bag with you to collect and carry the products.

Water stations

One of the amazing features of their sustainability amenities is the water stations throughout the property. You can dispense cold sparkling or still water at multiple stations around the hotel. We recommend bringing your own large water bottle on vacation to refill throughout. You can purchase bottles to refill while you are on property, but they are quite small. 

Style: 3.5/5

While there are areas on property that are super trendy and stylish, like the Seabreeze bar, there are inconsistent areas throughout, almost like they built the property in stages or acquired other properties over time. The rooms are also an area that really fell short for us in terms of decor, style, comfort and overall appeal. The hallways have poor lighting with odd, modern room number plates, whereas a lot of the property has very natural colors and tones and boho fonts and textures. 

We hope that they focus energy on the rooms in particular to elevate the style to be more consistent with the branding and look they are going for throughout the rest of the property. 

Overall: 3.6/5

Overall, we had a nice time at Lagoon Attitude. While we were disappointed with the rooms and inconsistency in food & service, we did love the brand’s focus on Mauritian culture and cuisine as well as the all-inclusive experience. This is a great option if you are looking for a few days of rest and relaxation on the beach without the pressure of having to pay for food and beverage a la carte. 

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