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Get to know Maren & Max

Get to know us!

How did you and Max meet?

Max and I met in college at a friend’s birthday party. We bonded over our love of travel…surprise, surprise. Shortly after we met, we decided to fly to Thailand together for a month. We ended up falling in love and many years later, got married where we first traveled to – a small island off the coast of Phuket called Koh Yao Noi.

Is travel your full time job?

Nope! Max and I work full-time for technology companies in San Francisco, California and we live in a Tiny House on Wheels in the bay area. Travel is our passion and we spend all our time outside of work focused on getting to the next amazing destinations on our bucket list.

So how do you make time for travel?

Travel is a huge commitment and this lifestyle is not for everyone. We travel on weekends, whether it’s 1 night, 2 or 3. Every holiday week that we can take a trip, we book one and we commit to making it happen. Typically, we will take a redeye to our destination and the latest flight out of the destination.  We love the feeling of being somewhere new- it’s almost like time stands still and a weekend can feel like a week.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

We have a lot of favorites, but we both love French Polynesia. We fell in love with the people, the landscape and the incredible culture. Not to mention – the food is so good. Check out our destination guide on French Polynesia to learn more!

How do you take your photos?

In general, we travel pretty light…with the exception of our camera gear, hah! We have a DJI Mavic Pro for our drone photos & video. We have a Sony A7iii with a number of lenses that handles most of our photography and video reviews. We also have a GoPro and a Rylo for our action photography. We also have a Sony A6000 in an underwater case for our underwater photography.  Lastly, we have a DJI Osmo Pocket for our vlog-style video.  We like to say we have a third party in our marriage – our tripod.

How did you start your blog?

Funny story. For years, Max and I have been planning honeymoons, vacations, dream trips for our friends and family. It’s been a bit of a passion. For all those years, our friends told us, “you really should start a blog”. When we were getting married, I (Maren), wanted to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon. Max told me if I could make it reasonable, we could go. I took that as a dare and we finally turned our passion into a business. We built a website, started an instagram account and we were off! We started cranking out content at every hotel we stayed at, eventually leading to great partnerships and opportunities with some of our favorite brands in the world.

I’m a brand and would like to work with you – how do I contact you?

Feel free to shoot us an email!