Why quip should be your new travel toothbrush

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I’ve been a loyal Sonicare user for several years now and it’s definitely one of the best toothbrushes on the market. But, since I’ve been traveling so frequently, I’ve been trying to pare down what I take with me on trips, especially when I don’t check a bag.  I’d had my eye on the quip electronic toothbrush for some time and am happy to report that it’s officially part of my travel arsenal. Here are some of the reasons quip is my new favorite travel toothbrush.

1. There is no bulky charger

This toothbrush is so small and doesn’t come with a charger! It uses standard batteries so when the time comes, you can easily replace them in your brush. It’s incredible how much space even a small charger takes up, if I can even remember to bring the charger with me in the first place.  It’s design allows me to throw the toothbrush into the pocket of my carryon with minimal effort.

2. Slim design with a dual-purpose case

Not only does this brush not come with the bulky charger, but it’s a slim design that fits absolutely everywhere. The holder doubles as a travel case so you can easily slip the toothbrush into it’s case and throw it into a bag. It’s slim, sleek and super easy to clean.

Quip Toothbrush  

3. The toothbrush holder sticks almost anywhere

Got a mirror? window? backsplash? No problem! The toothbrush has a strip on the back of the case that sticks to almost anything. Whether you’re staying at a fancy hotel or a hostel, you can stick your toothbrush anywhere so it stays clean and bacteria free.


4. It comes with travel-sized toothpaste

My quip came with a 3-month supply of toothpaste as well as a travel-sized two week supply. This handy little tube is under the carry-on limit, so it’s easy to take with you.

5. two-minute cycle with 30-second intervals

The quip electronic toothbrush has a two-minute cycle that works at the touch of a button. The clean feeling I get after using the cycle is the same feeling I have with the Sonicare.  The two-minute cycle is a great habit-builder and I love how effortless it is.

6. It’s affordable!

One of my favorite things about quip is that it’s super affordable! You can get an incredibly high-quality toothbrush set for $40 and automatic brush-head refills for $5 every three months.  You don’t need to spend big to have clean, pearly whites. I love that I don’t need to buy replacement heads for $30, like with most electric toothbrushes. quip is changing the toothbrush-game and I’m 100% on board.



quip is an incredible value and a high-quality toothbrush. I’ve been really happy with my experience so far and love that it travels so easily with me. Bye, bye clunky chargers and trips to CVS for toothpaste! Hello, effortless dental care.